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Final release wish list

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by msuman, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Hoping for a few more features/changes before the final version is released.

    - more customiztion with Control Center (3G, location services, etc.)
    - imsg quick reply
    - clear all multitasking apps
    - music up-next feature like the new iTunes

    I had a few more small ideas.
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    Outside of the clear all apps, the others are too big to implement along the way and would have already been there by now.

    I for one am hoping to see (as promised for iOS 6), autocorrect/auto capitalization/auto period like on the virtual keyboard for external BT keyboards.
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    Don't hold your breath.
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    Even adding an option to toggle data on/off?
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    Without a question quick reply, not just with iMessage but with sms as well. That is the sole reason I jailbreak, I really hope they implement it before they release the official version.
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    I don't get much data monthly, so a data toggle would be awesome. I'll jailbreak for that alone.
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    Sorry to ask an ignorant question, but, exactly what is it that you mean? It seems to me that messages are already "quick reply" -- as quickly as I can type?
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    This. When I saw them announce this feature in 10.9, I thought it was guaranteed they'd bring to iOS. Seems like a reasonable thing to include before they ship, at the very least by 7.1.
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    Something like this.....
    Means you don't need to open the message App to reply. Reply directly from the message received.

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    Surely it takes no less time to tap the message to reply?
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    Nah your good man, like what BvizioN said, something similar to Bite or Messages + would be great, not to mention time stamps.
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    You have to leave whatever app you are using to reply at the moment. Quick reply would save you from doing that.
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    Liking the bottom three. Even liking the top one, but I can't see Apple giving users that much access. - Fingers crossed.
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    Quick Reply I'm not too bothered about.

    For me I would love iOS 7 to have:
    - A music app mirroring iTunes 11 (but I know that is very unlikely to happen now)
    - An up next feature, if you do nothing to that app, do that please!
    - Better icons. Sorry the stock ones mostly suck.
    - A wider selection of Live papers, or the app store to allow developers to create and distribute them through the store.
    - Easier Ringtone creation

    - Option to hold down a message and see its Timestamp and if an SMS has been delivered. It's not too big in the US, but before smartphones here in the UK being alerted if a message was delivered was quite popular with the teens like me.
    - Option to control what quick access features are available in 'control centre'
    - Ability to get EXIF information on photos right within in the photos app.
    - Change that horrible share icon
    - Allow me to see what events are in my calendar via dots, like was capable before.

    That's it for now...
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    I'm sure they analyzed what quick settings most people need and will use the most and built the interface to handle that as efficiently and cleanly as possible. However what you are asking may not fit into that paradigm and unfortunately either wasn't really considered or didn't make the cut based on their assessment of the expected need.
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    Definitely need an option to clear all multitasking apps.

    Another one is adding the dots back to calendar so I can see when I have events!
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    Definitely need quick reply. It makes no sense to have to leave the app you are currently in. Im guessing iOS8 though.
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    These ideas suck. Please never work for Apple
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    You sure the first one isn't there already?

    Second I agree on.
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    It is for imessage. Not for SMS if you want a 'delivery report' you have to manually type in the code at the beginning of the message.


    I look forward to hearing your infinitely better ideas.
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    I think Apple took one of the most convient things out of the notification center... the share widget. Tap to tweet and tap to post. I really hope they bring this back.

    Notification center as a whole right now is a mess I think
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    A way to take advantage of the iTunes match iRadio no ads feature while still keeping locally stored music on the device.

    I have iTunes match for my iPad, but my iPhone is 64gb and I prefer to keep music stored locally on it. I'd still like no ads in iRadio.
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    It could be something they are working on through betas! Notification centre seem very unfinished and a bit messy on the first beta.
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    I have a hypothesis that Quick Reply may make an appearance after all. The notification banners are quite large, which seems like an odd choice given that they don't currently offer any additional functionality. Seems like there is room there for something else that isn't ready...
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    I bet my friend $10 they add quick reply to iPhone. They always are talking about making OS X like the iPhone. Mavericks has quick reply iPhone will also get quick reply I would be shocked it if didnt happen

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