Finally am rid of my cursed G3 Ibook!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by 840quadra, Nov 8, 2005.

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    Sorry, just a rant!

    I sold my G3 D-USB iBook that I built from parts on ebay about a month ago. After I got it up and running, I loaded it up with maximum memory (640) and bought an airport card for it. Shortly after I got it working the logic board I installed died :( . Thankfully the person I bought the logic board from, had an other, and offered to replace the bad one I installed. It worked great, and was 700 MHZ as opposed to 600.

    I decided to get out of that ibook and sold it complete, and was 100% truthful in regards to the history, and the condition (overall good). It sold for over $450, and I put the money into a Refurbished G4 1.2Ghz that I bought on Apple's site for $700 +Tax.

    So far I love it, and it is nice to be able to watch H.264 videos on it, and do so much more then I could with the other :). In the deal I ended up making ~$20 on building from parts, and selling my G3 ibook used and maxed out. :)

    Again just a rant!

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    I'd say you've come out ahead, although getting there was a bit of a hassle. My old man still uses his 300MHz iBook AFAIK, and it runs Panther with under 256MB RAM. Slow, but it does the job. just don't try doing much. :rolleyes:

    Good buy on the iBook - I came really close to getting one of those but bills got in the way and I decided to save up and get a Rev. A Intel Powerbook next year instead since my PowerMac G4 is still running strong.

    So for now my only mobile is one of my 11+ year old Powerbook 1xx series laptops. :eek: :D
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    Got out ahead just by a squeak, as the total includes shipping the system and parts to my door.

    I did well, and learned allot about G3 ibook Dual USB systems. Part of me wants to see the insides of my G4, but since I plan on buying applecare, and owning (enjoying) this system for years, I shouldn't mess with it :) .

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    Just have a look at the photos on PB Fixit -- they may satisfy your voyeuristic cravings! :D
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    But nothing beats having a screwdriver in your hand pulling plastic pieces apart while you maniacally laugh at your slow progress. :) .

    I think I may need to see a therapist :eek: :D
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    No way, don't mess with your new (refurb) Mac. :eek:

    Just google for photos of people who buy Macs and like being guinea pigs for everyone else.
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    Don't worry, I am not planning on it. The only thing I have done is install my Airport Extreme card (stole it from my PM G5 as I didn't use it) and installed an other stick of memory. I get enough taking systems apart tasks at work to tide me over :)

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