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Finally found a decent email app for Android!

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by appledes7, May 6, 2013.

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    Ever since I got my Nexus 4 in December, I have been struggling to find a good email app that rivals iOS mail.

    GMail was good, but was severely limiting in the fact that I could only have Google email addresses.

    The stock email app for whatever reason never game me the option for push email. Also, whenever I got an email with any pictures the dang app was not capable of zooming out so I could see the entire image!

    K9 fixed the push email issue, but I still couldn't zoom out! Plus the UI sucks. At least for the version on Google Play. There is another version floating around outside Google Play with a better UI, but still has the zooming problem.

    I tried multiple other email apps and they all had this zooming problem. The only exception was GMail, but I already discussed the limitations of that app.

    Finally, this week, I found out that AquaMail was recently updated to fix the zooming problem. I finally found an email app that lets you zoom out to view the entire image and supports push. Seems like two simple things that should both be included in the stock email app, but at least its here now.

    AquaMail isn't perfect, however. I have found that sometimes when I open an email with a picture, it takes a few seconds for the app to recognize that there are images. So when I try and zoom out, it won't let me. Wait a few seconds, then it starts working. The UI is pretty decent, but IMO still not as streamlined as iOS mail, but definitely the best I have found so far.

    Just thought I would share my findings!
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    GMail does everything. I have Yahoo and Outlook accounts that auto push to my GMail inbox. You can add a color tab to additional email clients within GMail if you wish.

    GMail is the only mail app you need.
  3. Fernandez21, May 7, 2013
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    Thanks for that. I too have spent lots of time looking for a good email app on Android. You might want to try Maildroid, that's the one I'm using now and push works very well and it also let's you zoom in and out of emails and even let's you set zoomed out as the default. The ui is also very beautiful.

    Edit: Just tried this app, and now am very torn. I still much prefer maildroid's ui and it supports yahoo push (aquamail said it wasn't supported after setup), but aquamail does a better job at full screen formatting. Sticking with maildroid for now, though, it cost me $17 for the pro version.
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    Kaiten Mail is also a good alternative, I prefer it over MailDroid.
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    That's exactly what I'm looking for! How do you set that up (I'd like to push my Hotmail to Gmail)?
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    I'd rather not have my other email go into my GMail inbox.

    Plus why spend time setting that up when I can get better individual mailbox functionality with a different app?

    Having all my email sucked into one account sounds like an awful idea. I prefer having an app that cleanly keeps all accounts separate. No need to mix personal and professional email accounts if I don't have to.

    Do you know if Kaiten has auto-fit?


    Ya the UI takes a little getting used to. There are a few customizable settings that make it a little easier to use IMO.
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    In that case, why dont you create separate gmail accounts for each of your email provider? You can then add these gmail accounts to your phone. The only reason I can think of you don't want to do this is because you dont want your mail routed thru Google server for security reason. Then if you use iCloud, you are faced with same security issue too.
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    The mail app was one of the thorns in my side for android.

    I needed 3 separate mail apps at the time, and none of them worked as well as apple's iOS mail app.

    I had my gmail app which was decent.
    I had the default mail app for non-gmail stuff - it was decent but not great
    I had to buy Touchdown from nitrodesk because at the time the stock mail apps did not provide the level of security that is required by my company to access the exchange servers. That is I couldn't get my work emails with the stock apps, but I had to get this.

    Touchdown wasn't bad and I did play with K9 but I found it lacking.

    If I return to the android platform, its my hope that I'll find a decent mail app.
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    I guess I'm glad I have exchange and Gmail both of which have push services
  10. Peterg2, May 7, 2013
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    This type of thing really worries me. I have a business account with Rackspace and mobile email is very important to me. I am considering the HTC One (no other android device really appeals to me). My account with Rackspace supports IMAP (and IMAP IDLE) and Rackspace "mobile sync" which is based on MS Activesync. I don't need Exchange which Rackspace also supports.

    I appreciate that the discussion here is about functionality of Android Apps but I hope that with the right choice of client I will be able to have good functionality as well as no problem with"push email" with either IMAP IDLE or mobile sync. I really don't need any issues with instant "pushing" as some of my email exchanges with clients are almost instant.

    P.S. In a live chat with Rackspace now the rep mentioned Touchdown as being most used with Rackspace. However, looking at Touchdown am I to assume this is solely for Exchange and not IMAP IDLE accounts or Rackspace's "mobile sync" *based* on Activesync but not the same thing?
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    I've been off the android platform for a little while, but Touchdown was the most robust email client to embrace all of the security features that MS provides for their exchange servers.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I don't dispute that at all but while you were replying I added this bit: "However, looking at Touchdown am I to assume this is solely for Exchange and not IMAP IDLE accounts or Rackspace's "mobile sync" *based* on Activesync but not the same thing?"

    The rackspace rep I spoke to now (the second chat) had heard about Touchdown but said that even if I did not have Exchange email accounts their mobile sync (which is set up in the same way as MS Exchange) *should* work. I suppose I really should get better clarity than *should* from Rackspace before I go ahead and purchase the One.
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    Once you realize the power of (creating your own) automatic filters, the "+" modifier, labels and archiving on gmail..... then no other email client comes anywhere near it.

    The main drawback to gmail is contact management. You do have to prune back the list occasionally to keep aquaintances or strangers from being added (or staying), but that is less a problem nowadays than when I first started using it.
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    Why waste time setting up all my email accounts through one provider in order to force a specific app to work properly? Especially when I could just download an app that works properly from the beginning...

    Seems like an extremely roundabout way to get the results I am looking for.
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    Yep. It auto-fits just like iOS mail.
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    Well I know why I did it: because I had to do it just once. I am free from the chore of setting up 5 different email accounts--some with their own setup quirks--should I want to try a different email client.

    As a bonus all I need is access to a web browser to check/respond to all my email accounts. Double-bonus gmail is better at spam control than several of my email accounts themselves.

    For me funneling all my email through gmail has saved time not wasted it.

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    Can you send from one of the other email accounts using the Gmail app or are you limited to the default gmail account? I'm fed up trying to find a suitable email client for my non-gmail accounts but my primary email (and the account I generally send from) is a Yahoo account and I need to be able to send from this account.
  18. Tinmania, May 7, 2013
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    Yes, gmail can send as if coming from one of your non-gmail accounts. If you reply to an email sent to your non-gmail account it can do the same thing. Does this all in the gmail app, or even in a web browser if that is all you have access to.

    It's not hard to set up either.

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    I'd like to push my Hotmail through Gmail, but can't figure out how to do this.. Mind pointing me in the right direction?
  20. appledes7, May 8, 2013
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    It is great to hear more email clients doing this now. When I first got my Nexus I had such a hard time with this. Good to see they are finally catching up to 2007 iPhone Mail ;)

    And before all the fandroids jump all over that, please understand that it is a joke. I have found that in this section of MacRumors forums, if you don't want to get verbally assaulted, you almost always have to clarify even the simplest comments and that if it isn't pro-Google, it is a sin in this section.
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    1. Go to Gmail.com in a browser.
    2. Go into settings. (Click the gear icon and then choose settings.)
    3. Click the Accounts tab.
    4. In the "Send mail as" section click "Add another email address you own." An email will be send to that hotmail account which you will then need to verify. This lets gmail send-as from that account.
    5. In the "Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)" section click "Add a POP3 mail account you own" and enter your login info for hotmail/live.

    After that you will receive your hotmail in gmail--and still in hotmail--and be able to send/reply in gmail as if it came from hotmail. Gmail will indicate the mail that came from hotmail so you can differentiate it from native gmail.

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    My question: Why couldn't Google give their stock email app some of the same functionality? Why do I HAVE to funnel ALL my emails through their service.....oh ya, they want more data from me.

    I'm sorry - I'm not paranoid and don't really care about Google taking my info, but the fact that they purposefully withhold features from THEIR stock email app just to funnel you into Gmail is ridiculous.

    I shouldn't need to funnel all my stuff into Gmail (I keep my email addresses separate for a reason) and I shouldn't need to use two email apps (Gmail and stock mail) to get at least some functionality out of the gmail address.

    It really is one of my biggest pet-peeves and issues with Android. I'll have to check out AquaMail and Kaiten - K9 is decent, but still doesn't solve the zooming issue as has been stated and I really don't care to comb through the countless email clients out there to find one with relatively basic functionality like that.

    /rant over.
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    Huh? The stock email app doesn't require you to funnel anything: it's a mail client that can be used for whatever email you want.

    The Gmail app is just what it says it is: for gmail. That is no different than the yahoo app working with yahoo and the outlook.com app working with outlook.com. The difference is you can't even get the same level of funneling with those services. So why beat-up on gmail for doing more?

    As for me I actually prefer having my email funneled through gmail. I often have itineraries and other things emailed or forwarded to me through non-gmail accounts. But since that is funneled through gmail I get all the Google Now convenience for those accounts too. I'm not going to give that up just to be stubborn about how gmail works.

    Regardless, it is a choice. You don't have to use gmail nor the gmail app. If you do, this is how it works. What is the problem?

  24. jrswizzle, May 8, 2013
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    Right - but the stock email app doesn't have the same feature set and functionality the gmail app does. THAT is my point. The zooming is still an issue in the stock app.

    And because its the STOCK Android mail client (created by google), I'd expect it to have similar if not the same features/functionality as Google's gmail app (better yet, on Nexus devices just make it the same app - let the OEMs add their own stock clients if they wish).

    I can understand having a gmail app on other devices, but I don't understand the need to split the two on Android devices - especially when OEMs slap their own default client on there anyways.

    Android has this issue in other areas - the plethora of messaging apps, navigation/maps/google earth all separate.

    Its just a pet peeve of mine to have multiple apps that could all be condensed because they generally do the same things.

    The other issue I have is that I use both iCloud and Gmail - but of course, I can't even funnel my iCloud through the gmail app (no IMAP). So I'd be stuck using two clients anyway.

    Compare that with being able to load up ALL my email addresses in the same stock client quickly on iOS, and you should be able to see why I get a little frustrated with Google's current setup.
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    I would definitely agree about too much "stuff." I still don't understand all of the google messaging/chat apps. I open the Messenger app and all it does is open the actual Google+ app in the messenger section. Of course I also have a Messenger app from fb--same exact name. That on top of Messages (AT&T) and Messaging (stock SMS app). Ugh.


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