Finally found a PDA I'm actually intersted in getting

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Mr. Anderson, Nov 21, 2002.

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    Mr. Anderson

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    It's very cool. I have mentioned it in the TabletPC discussion as well. It will be interesting to see how people react to it.
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    Only one problem

    It's running Palm crap OS.

    Most of you people don't get it we need an OS like the Newton OS anything else is just crap!!
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    Re: Only one problem

    Oh, and pray tell, how a watch based PDA would benefit from NewtonOS. It's not like you can write full words on the screen! For a device that size the PalmOS is just fine IMHO. What they need to work out is the syncing process and iSync should solve that once it's GM.
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    Re: Re: Only one problem

    It has an intellegent assistant you can just type or tap "meet John at noon next friday" the assistant will open de calendar, setup the appoinment with an alarm and then just goes away. it even bring up "john" info for you call him, email ect..

    That is what make the Newton OS better than the Palm/mini-winblows devices. The Newton wasn't just about the handwritting recognition.!!!
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    Mr. Anderson

    But I really doubt we'll be seeing the iWatch from Apple any time soon, or even ever. Newton/0S was better, but Apple chose to get out of that market. If no new Newtons are being made, why would Fossil even be interested in using something that only a very small percentage of potential buyers would know. 'PalmOS' is a seling point here. And as for updating on the go, for me the pda/watch would most likely be updated at home and used to keep the info handy. Cell phones have the same options now, but I don't always carry one everywhere.

    Future possibilities (in the years to come) color screens, bigger than 160x160 res, bluetooth, and built in phone - the true Dick Tracy Wrist Watch!

    I'm also partial to the GPS watches, but have even less of a use for them than the PDA ones.

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    You are right Apple kill the Newton... no wait Steve Kill the newton becuase he did not came out with.

    The reason the newton die is because Jobs was plain and simple a dick.

    Now he comes out with inkwell on Jaguar, but he will never admit that Apple needs to have some form of PDA on the market. I belevie that will see an updated Ipod with a some of the Newton OS features in the near future.
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    Over Achiever

    Take a chill pill, 'Wash!!'. I like your opinion...but does it have to sound so...rash? :rolleyes:

    [EDIT]Ahh...never mind, forget it...[/EDIT]
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    The watch looks lower than 160x160.

    And I don't see the graffiti area. I think I'd like some usability testing on this thing. Apparently it won't be too expensive tho.

    As for the Newton... You guys ever do any programming in NewtonScript? It's a very nonstandard programming environment. The Newton OS had nothing whatsoever in common with the Mac. My guess is Jobs killed it because he rightly viewed it as a dilution of resources.

    If we had a handheld running something similar to MacOS - even if MacOS 9 - at least there would be some commonality. I'm not sure how achievable that is, though. Microsoft tried it with WinCE, but a desktop metaphor doesn't work well on a small device. The popup walking menus are especially icky.

    I think a palm-type device using something like Hypercard as its operating system would be a good thing, though...
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    Mr. Anderson

    The PDA in general needs to evolve, you can get the functionality of a PDA in cell phones now, which makes them much more useful. And I don't think Apple need to make a PDA right now, it would just be a well designed toy, regardless of whether the Newton/OS was better or not. They need to focus more on getting faster computers.

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    Sorry about that

    I didn't mean to sound so rash.;)
    Its just that sometimes people talk about the Palm OS as been the best thing invented since slice bread and that gets my blood going.

    I'll try to control myself in the future.

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    Re: The watch looks lower than 160x160.

    There is no graffiti area, because it uses a custom launcher, and the apps let you write straight on the screen - kind of like the Handspring Tréo with the keyboard.

    BTW, it is very usable. I have the first generation Palm watch from Fossil which did not use the PalmOS, and it was slow at best. This puppy is as fast as my handspring and the screen appears "hi-res" because the 160x160 pixels are condensed into a tiny area (about 1.25" square).
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    I would have to see it in reality and play with it to give my full reaction to it. All in all, it seems like a good idea.

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