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FINALLY got my $50 ipod battery settlement

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mandoman, Apr 11, 2006.

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    Came in the form a of a $50 'coupon code' usable only at the apple store online or at an apple retail store kiosk.

    So, what to buy, what to buy... I'm thinking an ipod shuffle.
    So anyone else getting their 'coupon codes'? What are you going to buy?

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    no, haven't gotten mine yet. I'm looking forward to it. Maybe I'll use it towards a macbook, or a shuffle (they ever gonna update those?), or maybe iwork. Oh the possibilities!
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    Just got mine about a week ago. Can't even remember when I sent in the original application... Seems like it was ages ago.
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    I got a check in the mail for $25 a few weeks ago. I guess it was for the ipod thing but I don't think I filled anything out, they just sent me money.
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    yeah, i'd get a shuffle. i'm going to go to the apple store later today and get one.
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    shuffles seem like a good idea, mine has served me well for nearly a year, and shows no signs of quitting
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    you people...

    are very lucky! i sent my settlement form in MONTHS and MONTHS ago and still havent recieved my $50... :mad: im not happy. hopefully apple sends it to me soon. i trust they will.
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    any word for the replacement battery, because thats what i chose to have the batter in my iPod replaced but i have yet to receive word on that
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    Rumors for awhile about updated shuffle with a 1 or 2 line lcd. Those sort of quieted down after the shuffle price drop. Hmm, I may wait till the next pod revision - who know what will come down the pike.

    Dang, listen to me. I don't know what sort of 'settlement' this is. I'm just going to end up spending money on apple that I wouldn't have spent otherwise.
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    I opted for the $25 cash for this reason - plus, I'd check those $50 coupons to make sure they don't have an expiration date.
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    I opted for the $50 certificate, and I just received it today. :)

    I knew that I wouldn't be able to buy iTunes gift certificates with it (poo! :( ), but I don't know if I was aware that I wouldn't be able to combine it with Edu discounts... ahh, well. I ended up making a couple of small purchases from the store in the recent past. The certificate is valid until October 7, 2007. So I guess I have a while. :D By then, Leopard might be out! :eek:
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    I got one of those settlement things. I threw it away, because I'm not into abusing the legal system. Or whining.
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    Just got mine today as well! :D
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    I don't care about the lcd; that's not what a shuffle is for. But I'd love a slightly smaller form factor, so that it only blocks one usb port on an ibook. And more rounded, like a usb memory stick, would be nice too.
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    Just got mine too! Not sure what I'll use it for. Might just use it towards my future MBP this coming fall. Should soften the blunt of taxes :p :D
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    Question for people receiving two rebates

    I had a generation 1 and a generation 3 iPod that crapped out on me and thus will be getting two rebates. I received one this afternoon, but not the other one. Did anyone else receiving two get theirs in seperate mailings? Is it just the postal service lagging behind on one of the rebates?
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    I got mine the other day. Strangely, the 3G iPod Apple replaced under AppleCare because of battery issues developed battery issues 92 days after replacing it. (90 day warranty on replacement). Battery lasts for under an hour now. I'm going to try and have them replace it again even though I'm about out of storage space. I'll gladly give them the settlement form if they agree to replace it.
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    I didn't file in time for my two dead 2g ipods :(

    I tried signing up before it was available and they told me it would take a long time, to check back in six months, and by the time I checked again I was past the deadline.

    What do you do with two dead 2g ipods? (except for keeping them in a drawer, which I already do)
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    Some people like to make... banks out of dead iPods. 2g's are old school though; I'd keep them just for looking at. :)
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    haven't gotten mine yet... shouldn't they all pretty much be going out at the same time?
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    Yeh I sent my out maybe in, umm like the middle of last year? I havent gotton mine, I hope I did everything right.
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    how do you get these battery settlement 50 dollar money?
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    you had to fill out a form online last year...before september or something like that...i forgot all about it until i saw this thread. i have two rebates coming my way, but haven't got either yet...
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    is this what Apple was being sued for?
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    just got mine today. was bummed to see that you can't use it in the educational store. Expiration date is 10/14/07. guess there should be something good before then that I'd want to get from the regular online store....

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