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finally got my ibook--a couple questions

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by lifeisgood360, Dec 23, 2005.

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    hey im so excited about my ibook-- its relaly sweet.. no problems at all
    everythings perfect.. cept idk how to install the additional ram so im gonna get my dad to do that ...
    anyways i have a couple questions..

    1. how do i switch btwn typing in 2 languages? idk how to type switch between korean and english on this laptop..

    2. is there like a system tuneup program i should download?
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    To change the system language just go to System Prefrences>International and you can select a language from there.
    As for system tuneup Mac OS usually takes care of that stuff automatically although there are programs like Cocktail and Onyx which allow you to manually execute maitnance scripts and optimize the disks.
    Congratulations on you new iBook.
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    If you switch between languages a lot I'd also recommend customising the Input Menu (System Preferences > International > Input Menu) so you can switch between the two with ease.
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    I use Yasu as a system utility


    like others it will repair permissions, which should be done from time to time and will help keep things happy on your new Mac. It can also be done using the 'Disc Utility' in the 'Utilities' folder.

    I always repair permissions after major software installs and OS updates.
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    No matter what happens, don't go all batty and get Norton [Anything] or Symantec [Whatever] for your Mac. It's nothing but bad juju.

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