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Phones Finally impressed !

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by mtenuta, Apr 7, 2013.

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    Im sure this is old news for most of you. I just discovered that removing animations on my note 2 makes the phone so much smoother and fluid. I must say moving from ip5 to the note 2 has been awesome. The phone is miles ahead of others ive tried . Can't wait to see the next generation note !
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    Can't wait for the note 3
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    Try using something like nova launcher and be even more impressed with the customization.
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    Nova launcher is great. They should change the default page transition to slide though instead of the cube. Not hard to change of course but it weird that the default is cube.
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    Yes i forgot to mention that i did install it and it made it even better!
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    You mean none right? I think none is slide.
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    I actually enjoy the animations. Just sped them up a little. Love Nova Launcher as well. You actually make full use of the Note's 5.5" screen.
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    Is this just a setting you can toggle? My note 2 is kinda laggy, this sounds like something that may help.
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    Go to settings then at the bottom you will see developer options. Click on developer options then you will see a toggle to enable developer options after you do that on the same page scroll down to youll see window , transition,animation scale. Turn them off and voila!
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    awesome thanks, I'll give it a try.
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    Dr McKay

    I didn't disable them completely. I did however change them to the fastest speed.
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    Yeah. That's what I meant.


    Window and transition are nice off but animator duration should be left on. Some swipe gestures act strange with it off.
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    You don't have to turn it off just put Window animation and transition animation scale on (. 5)
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    Turning off the transition animation completely is nice for some people. I personally flashed the transition animation back onto my phone. I liked it better than the jellybean open and close app transition.
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    I did the same thing and now moved back to the ip5 after 4 months of the note 2. To me, I want a phone that works well all the time.
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    HTC have actually cottoned onto this with the One. It has removed most of the animations. It really does speed up responsiveness in Android. Hopefully more manufacturers follow suit. Android is great, when it's fast and responsive.
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    This seems to have helped out a bit. I'm not noticing what animations this affects though, seems like a free bonus.

    One thing it didn't help that I was hoping it would is the phone app transitions, specifically why is there that weird delayed transition and screen flash when going back and forth from Contact and keypad and has anyone figured out how to get rid of it? It just makes the app look so sloppy.

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