Finally "retiring" my 15" PowerBook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by handsareme, Apr 4, 2012.

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    I got it in the summer of 2005 and it has served me well through college.

    I stupidly had it balanced, and, of course, it fell. It landed right on the plugged in power cord which bent both that tip and the receptacle on the laptop.

    It won't take a charge and I don't want to put anymore money into it. It will be a challenge to get everything off to transfer it onto my new laptop before the battery dies. Hopefully I can find someone to borrow a battery from if it comes down to it.
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    Old Smuggler

    Sorry to hear that.

    The G4 was an excellent chip and still is
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    Pull the HDD and put it into an enclosure.
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    Then throw in on ebay as-is. You'll be surprised that you should be able to get something around $80-100 for it, is my guess, as long as the only issues are no hard drive and a bent power input. Even if you only get $60, it's better than throwing it out.
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    It's probably more than that. The sockets are rigid so when it hit the floor it probably snapped the socket straight back. That would have ripped the socket off the DC-Inverter board (or made it extremely loose).

    Broken DC In board, no charging. If it goes on eBay the buyer will have to fork out about $30-50 for a new board. Provided the board stayed put there may not be any other internal damage. Maybe.
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    I also stuffed it as full of RAM as I could. Had not thought about an enclosure. That would work so much better. Can someone link me to a good cheap one that'll fit my needs?
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    2005-2012 is one heck of a good run.
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    I thought so too. The AppleCare definitely paid for itself those first three years but I took great care of it. It even spent a year being lugged around Western Europe and survived.
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    Wirelessly posted

    The hard drive in the G4 PowerBooks was not SATA, so you need to make sure you select a regular ATA100 enclosure.
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    Which makes me REALLY happy that my iBook Clamshell's still going strong after 11 years. :)
  11. handsareme, Apr 4, 2012
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    Ordering this is all I will need for it to work?

    Edit: Could anybody link me to tutorial on how to get my hard drive out of my PB?
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    You may want to find one that includes an A/C adapter. Your HD may pull more wattage than USB can supply.

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    i still have my ibook g4 running :eek:
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    Yeah. And even if it doesn't, a lot of these enclosures still have the plug for an A/C adapter. You'll just have to supply your own of the right plug size and voltage.
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    I've got six (4 PowerBook G4s (12", 15" and 2 17") an iBook G3 and one Mac IIci) still running. The youngest one is circa 2006, my oldest PB is circa 2003 (the one I am typing this on) and was declared "dead" when I bought it off eBay two years ago.

    Two PowerMac G4s at work, circa 2000, both used daily, one for ad production. (I work for a newspaper) and 1 G5, circa late 2004.

    2005 is too young to die for a Mac. ;)
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    Now I need to take it to someone who can get a couple of stripped screws out. :(
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    Damn. Which screws?
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    That happened twice with my powerbook and luckily only the power cord plugs got bent. Though there is some bent metal around the PB socket I can still plug the PB in with a new cord.
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    One of the longer ones on the bottom and one of the three on the right side. I found somebody who said he'll be able to get the hard drive out. Right now, all I care about is the hard drive and my 60 gb of music...
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    It's entirely possible to drill the screws out without damanging the casing, but in your situation, I'd probably pry the PowerBook open and pull the HDD out. LOL
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    good luck with the old peoples home, we've just got the one old chap here!:D
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    Dang, forgot the 7200 and the 6500 I have in the garage! I guess that makes 8! :D

    That all took a number of years to get. Only in the last two years did the PowerBooks start rolling in. I only had 1 (a 15") from 2002 to 2009 and some of the older non-PowerBooks.

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