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Finally, some proof voter fraud actually happens!

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by mcrain, Jan 30, 2012.

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    So, as a liberal, I have suspected that the GOP's efforts to pass voter ID laws were designed to disenfranchise poor and minority voters and NOT because of voter fraud, but I may have been wrong. There appears to be voter fraud happening, and we need to find a way to deal with it! (No, I'm not talking about Mitt Romney's claim to live in his son's unfinished basement so he could vote for Scott Brown.)

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    I'm starting to think Democrats should take up the whole voter fraud issue.

    (Emphasis mine)
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    Thomas Veil


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    Prove the system is broken and go to jail... Nice.

    Voter fraud is rampant. It's a travesty. Dead men vote in Maine. No I'd required.

    Walk in, read a name upside down on the paper in front of you on the desk that doesn't have a line thru it already, and vote...

    Or even better, bring in any piece of mail with your name on it and a town address, register right there and vote.

    Vote early. Vote often...
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    Rodimus Prime

    Notice something. It is the GOP doing the fraud yet all the voter id laws they are passing is to target and make it harder for typical dem voters from voting.
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    I always thought it was bizarre - you can register to vote without an ID, and you can show up to vote without an ID. You don't even have to prove you're of legal voting age.

    I mean, I can't even buy cold medicine without them swiping my driver's license. I don't think having some kind of ID required to register and to vote is so hard.
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    NO ONE should be against voter ID laws that are well written. It is just as disenfranchising when someone not constitutionally allowed to vote (or a dead person) votes and cancels out valid person's vote. The bottom line is that yes, the vast majority of illegitimate votes are cast for democrats. I can understand why they'll say anything and manipulate any emotion to try and stop what should be a no-brainer system of protecting LEGITIMATE votes.
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    And that's why I like this Okeefe fellow. He's not afraid to take risks to show the rest of us how broken the system is. Give that man a medal.
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    Link please.


    Since he was caught, presumably he has proved nothing at all.
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    Rodimus Prime

    Proof please.

    As I pointed out GOP has been the ones caught multiple times in doing voter fraud. The laws they right are designed to target typical Dem voters.

    Look at Texas law that the DOJ said no to. Or the Iowa law.

    Texas law your voter registrations must match what is on your Drivers Licences or you can not vote.
    That effects renters, and college students the most. Renters in the fact that it cost money and time to change your DL address every time you move and a lot more trouble than it is often times worth.
    College students often times move their registrations to where their college is because that is where they spend 9 months out of the year but leave their permit address at home for insurance reasons and again no worth updating it every year. This would require them doing absentee voting which I can tell you from experiences is a huge pain in the rear to do and a fair amount of paper work to do. Plus you run the risk of your ballet being tossed out for a BS reason for example signatures do not match. Tends to be the ballets that OMG vote for the non party in charge. Here it happens to be vote Dem risk it happening.

    If you notices the groups effect happen to be the group most likely to vote democrat. The Texas law it is pretty clear that is the group they are targeting.
    The voter ID laws if you look at them are written to make it harder for dems to vote not easier.
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    In New Zealand you just need to turn up with some ID and proof of address (sometimes not even that) and you can change whatever in most businesses and government departments. Its great.
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    You can do your own research. Any thing I post will be dismissed as being from the wrong source, or a right wing rag. This isn't my first round in PRSI. The largest blocks (i.e. not isolated cases) of voter fraud are illegal immigrants which overwhelmingly vote democrat since they typically support amnesty and non-enforcement of federal law. THAT is why democrats get their panties in a wad. If they lose the illegal immigrant vote it will be a large problem for them.
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    I believe he self identified as a fraudulent voter, he was not caught.
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    If you're going to make claims post your sources, don't ask other people to research them for you. So either give a source, or stop claiming that there is a lot of voter fraud for democrats.
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    Rodimus Prime

    The fact that you lack a source speaks volumes. Hell the fact that Fake (Fox) news is not even screaming about it should speak volumes about the lack of voter fraud.
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    Zombie Acorn

    We arent doing any credentials checks to vote so I don't see how anyone could possibly be caught.
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    I got bored and spent a few seconds on google looking to see what voter fraud has occurred, I'll admit I didn't look past the first page of results, but the only thing I saw that was separate from the situation in the OP was this, and guess what it was Republicans again...
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    those naughty republicans!

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    You guys are not looking very hard.

    Acorn and other DNC supporters have had hundreds of their members arrested for voter fraud - and these are only the ones who were caught.

    Dead people voting by the thousands in Community Organizer Obama trained Acorn registration drives.
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    Do you have proof that any of the fraudulent registrations done by ACORN had anyone attempt to use them to vote? From everything I've read it seems more like volunteers trying to make it look like they signed more people up to vote than they actually did...
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    Rodimus Prime


    You are confusing registration fraud with voter fraud. They are two very different things.
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    Then help us out. Show us where to look (being aware that sources like Newsmax or townhall.com might not be treated with respect).
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    Well, I would argue that we've gone too far in requiring an ID with nearly every transaction and that voting is an outlier is actually a good thing. Most people have some form of ID, but keep in mind that IDs won't protect the voting roles, just as they don't really protect any other system. If you're willing to commit fraud by having individuals go to polling places, you can also produce hundreds of fake IDs.

    ACORN's system was flawed, but keep in mind that it was ACORN and not some outside investigation, that brought this to light. Also, while ACORN risked significant fraud in voter registration, there is no evidence that this led to voting fraud.

    Even if you register Mickey Mouse as a voter, someone still has to arrive and vote as Mickey the Mouse.

    This is a larger problem and, as evidenced by the New Hampshire presidential primary, exists in Republican circles as well.

    The larger question is how to you design a voter registration system to assures the largest number of voters, without racial, class, or locality biases while protecting the voting records.

    I still think that Republicans are only interested in protecting voter fraud because of the belief that illegal immigrants might vote, but are ignoring a much more significant and onerous problem, the wide use of poorly-designed and managed voting machines. These machines have such significant design flaws that a single person could create thousands of votes at their whim, a much easier and harder to identify problem than creating the same number of fake IDs and sending in an army of second and tertiary voters.

    Voting fraud is a problem, but is a bipartisan problem.
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    I still think that Republicans are only concerned with voter fraud insofar as their solutions happen to disenfranchise segments of the population that vote against them. But I'm pretty cynical. ;)

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