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FINALY got my Macbook!!

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Shackler, Aug 20, 2008.

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    I got the stock 2.4 Blackbook and i couldn't be happier!!
    I don't care what apple comes out with in September i have decided that i like the look of the Blackbook more than aluminnum of the MBP or any concepts and casing pictures i have seen to date.
    Its going to be a long four years of University with this Macbook with SSD HD's and 4GB of RAM down the road.
    Its day 2 and i got my music and files of my old computer installed all the apps i think are must haves and just getting to learn the new OS.

    Quick questions though:
    How do i do scren and battery calibrations?
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    Congrats. I just recently purchased a new white 2.4 4GB 250GB HD Macbook(my second one--sold my other one).

    The reason being, I love the look of the black(I like it better than the white--personal choice) and don't care for aluminum. This one will have enough power/options to do what I need it to.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess.
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    Wow so many new MacBooks!!

    Congratulations!! I've had my BlackBook for almost 3 months now and I LOVE it. The 4 GB of ram make it scream. Had a MacBook Pro that I gave to my son. Not missing the 15.4 screen at all, not missing the backlit keyboard either. Better battery life and feels so much more portable. Every where I look in MacRumors someone has just gotten a new MB. You'll get used to the OS fast... no defragging, rebooting, freezing, restaring, and on and on... just fun!
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    Thanks everyone. and Maclady bug you are so right i just had to job the club :D

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