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Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by Tmelon, Jun 12, 2011.

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    Alright, so I installed Lion, iCloud, and set up my account in System Preferences, but how do I use Find My Mac and this new "Restart in Safari" feature?

    I enabled it in the iCloud menu in "Mail, Contacts & Calendar", but I see no restart in Safari button or anything like that in the lock screen and when I sign into "Find my iPhone" it doesn't show my Macbook.
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    is this a built in app for mac or did you download it?
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    The option is built into iCloud. I just don't understand how to use it.
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    Well Lion isn't technically Golden Master yet but, it's pretty darn close to finish. All the features may not all be working at the time(w/iCloud and Lion), so you might just have to wait. I don't know why the Restart in Safari feature isn't working.
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    If you get the 'Find my iPhone' app, once you sign in with your Apple ID - You should get an option...

    Mine located my MacBook Air and iPhone no problem!


    (Please note - The mac obviously has to be on, or it won't be located - Which is why you allow access to Safari if the computer is stolen! Good eh?!)
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    I assume once iCloud is fully operational, you'll be able to 'Find my iPhone / Find my iPad / Find my Mac' from iCloud's web service - As you would with MobileMe.
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    access find my iphone/ipad through and log on with your iCloud Apple ID.
    For restart to safari you just need to enable guest log-in in Users on System Preferences.

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