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Find your lost dog by GPS

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Mr. Anderson, Jun 17, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

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    Also for your mac, in case it gets stolen...
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    Re: Find your lost dog by GPS

    Yeah I don't really like the idea of "someone" being able to track me wherever I may go......no thanks. But maybe I'm just being paranoid.....
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, if you're like me, I walk my dog pretty far, couple miles sometimes. And my wife would be able to find me by finding the dog ;)

    They can also triangluate cell phone signals and locate someone that way as well.

    Figure that if there is a reason for someone to find you, its getting easier. You'd have to do an Eric Rudolph and hide out in the woods to actually get away.

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    10 pm on fox....

    wasn't even a commercial. just some sort of pseudo PSA from fox... now they just skip it and get right to more trashy tv. hah
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    Our newest dog Comos has a HomeAgain microchip inmplanted in his neck. It's not a GPS, but it's a 24 hour recovery service if the dog is lost.
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    I chipped my dog so we could always tell who he is, but what kind of chip do you have were they have guaranteed 24 hour recovery? how does it work?
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    The microchip is completely safe and will last a lifetime of the pet. The chip is encased in biocompatable material and is placed just under the skin. The HomeAgain microchip has an anti-migration cap to help prevent any movement within the pets body. The microchip contains an unlaterable ID code that can only be activated when read by a scanner.

    A one time enrollment fee covers the pets lifetime. The finder such as a vet would need a HomeAgain scanner. There is an 800# to contact CAR "Companion Animal Recovery" at AKC.

    The finder will give CAR the identification number of the pet. Then a CAR Recovery Coordinator will contact the pet owner or alternate.

    There is no guarantee that the pet will be returned to the owner. The owner must notify CAR of any changes with the pet. The owner is responsible for te return of the pet.
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    my dog has a chip like that with its id information in it..... i'm a big advocate i'd be sad if my dog got lost really sad like when my bike got stolen.
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    I think GPS should be built into luggage, so when the airport can't find it, you can see on a web site that it's accidentally been sent to Egypt.
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    That's pretty funny. I work for that company, but not with the group that makes Coco Secom (the name of the device, after the Japanese word for "here"). When it first came out it was pitched as an accessory you could give to children or aging relatives who might wander astray. They have a sort of depressing marketing video showing a security guard intercepting a distressed and disoriented elderly lady and returning her to her visibly-relieved caretakers. It didn't sell as well as hoped, so I guess they are trying a different approach. Maybe they are hoping that people care more about the whereabouts of their dogs than their relatives. :)
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    I found this on ADT's page the other day. It is basically a GPS panic button to extend your home security.

    I wouldn't mind my wife GPS locating me. I have nothing to hide. :D (And when/if I buy a car for my kids, you better believe that it is going to have some kind of GPS monitoring in it. :)) They can buy their own car if they do not want me to know where they are. :D
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    Hrm, it would be more useful if they could do that for my car keys... Hey wait! I could have all my patients tagged in the same way... Then I could sit in the house until I had to *really* deal with them.
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    by the time this is cheap and easy your kids will be able to erase the memory of the unit and make it look like whatever they told you... the internet finds a a way.... as soon as the geeky kids get hit with something like that there will be a workaround..... i can just see the sites now....gpshacks.com...time to register a domain.
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    while this sounds cool, you guys prolly have never used a gps.

    i am a big geocacher (www.geocaching.com) and i use my gps all the time for that and other uses.

    the thing is, a gps need a pretty clear line of sight to the sky. a forrest will sometimes cause enough signal loss to render the gps lost. it does NOT work inside a house, unless it happens to be right near a window. so, if your kid/dog/cpu/whatever is not outside, in a fairly clear area (clouds can affect signal also), you might be out of luck.
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    ok that is the same thing that I have already, I thought maybe you had something different.
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    Did your breeder or Vet insert yours? The breeder insert the one that Cosmos has!

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