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Firefox has burnt out :(

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by chibiterasu, Nov 20, 2012.

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    We all knew this was coming but its still sad news that Mozilla is pulling support, (Firstly, I know most of us use tenfourfox) but now that Firefox 17 has stopped supporting 10.5, I take it that updates for browsers based on Firefox running on 10.5 are going to become rarer and rarer :(

    Source: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/17.0/releasenotes/
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    IDK. There's also Aurorafox (which I use) which is a version ahead of TenFourFox (but based on T4Fx code) and there's always Seamonkey which has been getting some regular updates as well.
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    haha It is a shame, but remember Chrome will crush them and they'll get what they deserve for leaving powerpc out in the cold.
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    Chrome does not support ppc afaik.
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    That is correct. It is a shame, as it runs amazingly fast on ancient XP hardware.

    Fortunately, this doesn't effect Leopard WebKit. Also, I highly recommend that you try out Roccat Browser. It runs crazy fast on the older PowerPC hardware.

    I would not be too surprised if Cameron Kaiser and the other browser developers try and get later (if slightly stripped down) versions of the code running on PowerPC again.
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    Herr Kaiser

    has stated his goal with tenfourfox past source parity is security, security, security. He's still keeping Classilla and Mac OS 9 semi relevant, so I have hope that we'll have some form of gecko browser for the forseeable future.

    I have been using a browser on LinuxPPC called luakit. It is a lightweight lua framework for webkit, and brings new definition to the word fast. It takes a mere 30 MB of RAM to launch. It is a crying shame there is no equivalent for Mac OS X, as it or something like it would be major boon for us PPC diehards. Its almost entirely keyboard driven, but once you get used to hitting t to open a new tab, d to delete an open tab, etc etc, you actually learn to prefer it.

    Anyone with some serious programming chops who wants to port it? I would happily donate to that project....
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    Have you tried the browser in my post above? I do think you'll be fairly impressed. Not as quite as good as luakit, but I have it started up using 42 MB of RAM at the moment.
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    Look, we are all alone in this and we will fight on to keep our beloved PowerPC's going as long as we can. Those with G3's, G4's and even G5's - we are all one family.. no one is to be orphaned. So long as the folks at TenFourFox are around as well as the developers who are taking care of Safari Webkit for Leopard + Aurora Fox - we have nothing to fear.

    Remember, Apple deliberately did this to us. However, the PowerPC still lives on no matter how horrible it sounds when one developer ceases development.. we have to continue onward.

    Yes, we all have some sort of Intel Mac or PC keeping us up to date, but PowerPC is something special and I am glad I own 3 PPC machines and the very Intel Mac Pro 6-Core I have is acting as a massive file server and print server, hosting my machines.

    So what if Mozilla kills off Gecko.. there are ways around it. Cameron is not an idiot. The folks at Aurora Fox aren't either. We will always have a web browser for our beloved machines. I can say we are fairing much better than the Windows 2000 camp or even XP camp.


    No, but Stainless is similar to Chrome. Wasn't there a build of Chromium for PowerPC in development? Man! I wish I knew PPC Assembly to write some nice wicked apps for us. Sad, I don't.

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    Hmm.. Never heard of those before. I run Camino at the moment. I'll have to give those a try.
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    Aurorafox is maintained by one of the project members on TenFourFox. It's Leopard only. The differences between the two browsers are slight. However, Aurorafox's UserAgent string will report as Firefox and not TenFourFox.

    Roccat, like Sunrise, Stainless, Cruz, Shira, Demeter and a few others is WebKit. Roccat though still has a developer. Roccat is also a social browser with Facebook and Twitter integration.

    Fluid is also WebKit, but it's site specific. If my only criteria for a browser was speed however, I would probably go with Roccat. It's just my personal opinion, but I think Demeter is faster. However, Demeter is not being actively maintained.
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    I second giving Roccat a try. They also have insanely fast, polite and caring support.
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    I like fluid for the forums and Facebook and Aurora for everything else.
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    I prefer lynx : )
  14. Guest

    We're not doing too badly for browsers ;)

    Leopard Webkit

    I don't think we need to hit the panic button just yet with all these great people continuing to support the platform.
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    I just tried both. I didn't like Roccat and I actually had to force quit out of Aurora because it froze up on me.

    I'll stick to Camino..
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    Well, Aurorafox is not stable. Part of it is based on the nightly builds of Mozilla Firefox which is referred to as Aurora. Those are alpha builds.
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    Jethryn Freyman

    Totally irrelevant, Firefox 3.6 was the last PPC version.

    Use TenFourFox. It just released a 10.4-10.5 PPC version of Firefox 17.
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    Why not- if it is the User Interface, I agree. Just a bit... different.
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    No wonder. It was quick while it worked though lol

    That's exactly what it was. I'm sure I'd get used to it if I used it but it was just weird. Very weird.
  20. MisterKeeks, Nov 22, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2012

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    I have been playing around with it a little today. Try enabling Visitabs (Roccat>Preferences>Extras) That way you will have thumbnail tabs, instead of the microscopic default ones.

    It does have tab sync between devices, including iOS, so it might work for those who want to use that feature on PowerPC.

    And, here's the funny thing. On the developers page, for the Flick feature, the dialog box shows the page Macrumors.com. :D
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    That's cool. Didn't realize it was on the iTunes store. Just bought it. I'm not a big fan of Roccat but the ability to sync tabs is cool. Safari on my PowerPCs is too old and I hate Safari.
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    I'll give that a try a little later on and report back. Thanks :D
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    Still using Safari on here.
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    If you are referring to your Power Mac, why? Leopard Webkit is ~20% faster, and it looks exactly the same as Safari. The only changes are under the hood. Basically, faster, but with same look and feature-set.
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    Use Camino it's still being developed and not based on some ancient version of Firefox. If you must have Firefox install Linux.

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