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Firefox video campaign storms the Web

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 12, 2005.

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    Too bad Firefox and Thunderbird both suck in OS X because they do not conform to the "Mac way". I'll stick with Safari/Camino and mail.

    Firefix is my first choice when booted into GNU/Linux though.
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    I liked the "Mobile"... :D

    The "Office" was ok, too, but "Laptop" was a bit lame (although pretty well made)...
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    How so?
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    Man, Safari has been "unexpectedly quitting" since i upgraded. I've been using Firefox even more lately until I can figure out the deal. I love Safari though, it's fast and it's pretty -- something that Firefox is not. Looks too "windows" to me, but isn't that typical?

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    Firefox and Thunderbird both use a cross-platform, XUL-driven interface that doesn't look anything like a typical Mac application. This decision makes Firefox and Thunderbird easier to maintain, but annoys Mac purists that insist that all applications adhere to Apple's user interface guidelines.
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    See attachment.
    Since Mail 2.0, and the Tiger plastic/brushed/pinstripe mish-mash, this argument doesn't wash.

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    That's interesting, brap. I thought the Mozilla Group wasn't going to truly fix the un-Mac-like-ness of Firefox until version 1.1. Have the Mozilla Group revised their plans with Firefox 1.0.4 (which I assume you're using - I haven't used the Mac version of Firefox in a while)?
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    Sadly not, the official builds still carry ugly widgets (ie, buttons, radios, checkboxes), but if you either download an optimised build with them integrated, or apply them yourself - they're fixed.

    It all comes down to if you're willing to make the 2-or-3 'googles to fix the ugly buttons; the default theme is good enough as is, but the brushed GrApple theme is better ;)
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    Ah, that explains it. I use the optimized version. I was going to say, looks fine to me.

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