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Firewire 400

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MacRuler, Mar 11, 2011.

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    how would i go about connecting a video camera with firewire 400 to a macbook air? is there adapters? what would be the cheapest method. thanks!
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    There is no way to get FireWire on a MacBook Air. No adapters exist.
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    Actually, adapters do exist and are available at amazon
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    They are not true adapters. They only work for a very few things and are slow and unreliable.
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    It still is an adapter, and is still available. Of course USB 2.0, especially through an adapter, won't carry the same FW400/800 speeds (duh) :D.

    At least he can still use his video camera with his MacBook Air!
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    There are no adapters. There's only a video capture device for Windows which does not preserve the original quality.
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    There's no USB to Firewire adapter in that list. Just a whole bunch of other adapters and cables, including some mislabeled stuff (like that "USB/1.1 Firewire to Serial" cable, that doesn't have Firewire at all).

    However I can imagine someone offering a Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter in the future though. But then you'd still need a MBA with Thunderbolt of course.

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