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Firewire not picked up in windows on iMac

Discussion in 'iMac' started by carlosbutler, Oct 6, 2008.

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    I have a brand new 1TB firewire hard drive and it works perfectly fine in mac, as well as a usb hard drive plugged in as well and all work. but when i boot into windows it will only pick up the USB one.

    is there a driver or something that i need to install?
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    The Microsoft XP and later support the firewire IEEE 1394 and drivers are preinstalled . if it is not recognizing it, I would go to your mac store and have them check into the configuration.or call the Microsoft tech service center
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    is it possible that it is picking up the drive, but you have it formatted in HFS+ file system so windows will not mount it as a drive letter?
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    ah yes. its a western digital studio edition. and its specifically made for Mac and i believe formated in the mac os system, or HFS i think i read. dont really need it, but it would have been nice. is there a way to get around this at all?
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    Format the drive as FAT32 (using the Mac DiskTools).

    Get some PC software that can read HFS+ disks (MacDrive?).

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