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First 27-Inch iMac Deliveries Now Arriving

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 12, 2012.

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    Following their shipment earlier this week, the first orders of Apple's redesigned 27-inch iMac have now begun arriving at their destinations, with several MacRumors readers reporting that they have receiving their shipments today ahead of their projected December 13 delivery dates.

    Apple announced the redesigned iMac at its media event on October 23, but noted that the 21.5-inch model would not begin shipping until November with the 27-inch models following in December. Apple began taking orders for both sizes on November 30, with the 27-inch models seeing 2-3 week shipping estimates at that time.

    Availability remains tight as Apple reportedly works to achieve acceptable yields of the new display assembly, which laminates the display directly to the cover glass. With the larger 27-inch displays proving more difficult to assemble than their smaller siblings, supplies of the 27-inch iMac models are particularly tight.

    Article Link: First 27-Inch iMac Deliveries Now Arriving
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    Good news, can't wait for mine!
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    is the box smaller/shaped with an angle...maybe just the photo.
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    Great! Now how bout them new Thunderbolt Displays?
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    The angle makes sense. Smaller shape at the top.
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    Correct, the box now has an angle. Guess it saves some room.
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    Cropped photo's, they look like 21":p
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    Indeed! :) Although can't imagine any real advantage over the current ones, but I'm hoping to find a deal on a used current model as someone finds the need to upgrade for thinness!
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    You can really see how thin it is... oh wait a minute...

    Saying that, I'm still getting one when I can afford xD
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    Christmas come early!
  11. Guest

    Awesome laptop, I mean, computer .
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    looks exactly like my 2011 iMac from the front,

    I can see why apple was so desperate to reduce the glare on the screen, everyone using these must be sat at a 60+ degree angle to the screen so they can view that "slim"(pointless) form factor as well.
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    Don't hold your breath!

    Yeah I'm disappointed by how long it typically takes for Apple to update their displays. :( Imagine how thin the display could be since it doesn't need to house a hard drive and other parts!
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    This new iMac is pregnant! It is going to have a Mac mini!!
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    My order said "Delivered by Dec 24-31"...hoping it's early like this story! Can't wait!!
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    Nice for those people. I just want my order to say “shipped.” I’m still stuck in processing. :( Hopefully, this early receipt from people means mine will shipping out soon...
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    Would like to hear what people who've got theirs today think about the screen gloss. Is it noticeably less glossy/reflective?
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    I want 21.5" display

    may be under $500 bucks.

    Mac Mini + SSD + 16GB RAM = good enough for me even with HD4000 :D
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    Indeed. My thoughts exactly.
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    sorry to say, but that table does not do the iMac justice..
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    We wants it!
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    My iPhone 5 order said the same and I got it on the 12th!
  23. Radio, Dec 12, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2012

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    Spends $2000 on a Mac but has a $20 computer table.

    Lol - priorities
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    As soon as the new Apple Thunderbold Display 27" comes out, I'll get it. I've been waiting for a USB 3.0 27" display to come out for a long time.
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    FedEx tried to deliver mine but I wasn't there. Wasn't expecting it to come today. I'll have to go pick it up in a while.

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