First evening playing with 4G 20Gb iPod

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by hcuar, Sep 9, 2004.

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    After ripping the remainder of my CD's into Itunes I downloaded 3 days worth of music into the iPod. Yes, I know that's not much by most peoples standards, however for me, that's a lot.

    I must say... The iPod brings a little tear to my eye. No, I'm not joking.

    I've never owned an Apple product before. The iPod is a test to determine if I want a Powerbook in a few weeks (maybe months depending on the wife). I have never used a product so intuitive and easy to use. It does everything I could ever want and more. 10 years ago I was a major Apple basher. I would like to formally apologize to all those who tried to explain what Apple was all about... and ask forgiveness. :rolleyes: Ok... I'm tired I should go to bed.

    I can't wait to find out the "secret" functionality that the little guy is hiding!

    Needless to say, I'm very impressed.
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    It's just like they say: once you go Mac, you never go back! Welcome to our little community, have fun with the iPod (and soon enough your PowerBook :)) and enjoy the design, the build quality, and most of all the user-friendliness (the humanity) of all Apple products.
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    It's okay, I was an Apple basher too. Don't think about the past. :)

    Congratulations on your new iPod. I picked up my first Mac, a Powerbook, not too long ago. I think you'll be very happy to get one (when you do).

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    You will be happy with an Apple computer, and Apple products in general. I suggest going to your local Apple or Compusa store and play with the Macs. Take the wife too. If you need an excuse to go to the local Compusa, say you need to pick up some CD-Rs, but play with the Macs while you are there. Get compfortable with the Mac before you buy it. Suggest having one of the Apple guys show you the basics of the Mac, such as which program does what. Also prepare yourself for it, that is know what you have to do to get Internet service with it. Cable and DSL is most likely just a matter of hooking it up though the ethernet and going, while Dial up will need you to to consult your local profider for possible software or on how to setup your Mac to connect, which you should get before you buy the Mac so you are ready to go when you get it home.

    I'll leave wireless as optional, but think about it when you are buying. Because you have have it installed by a tech, thus not leaving you to crack open the Mac later, which isn't that hard, just saves your time later. If you want to do wireless, and you are not sure what to do, just ask and the people hear will answer your call.

    Have fun with that new iPod.
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    varmit said it well.

    if you need help with your new ipod and soon to be new PowerBook, just ask here. most people go out of their way to help others, and that is double true if they are a convert from the darkside.

    before you buy your new laptop, do some snooping around here or ask a few questions. this will help you figure out which one is best for you and what upgrades you might want done before you get it.
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    Welcome! I bought a 20GB 3G iPod in 11/2003 and ended up getting a PowerBook in 5/2004 (my first Mac since a Mac Classic).
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    Ja Di ksw

    Glad to hear you like it so much :). I have a 3g (and 1g that is now only used as an external harddrive) myself. Great little products, aren't they? If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask, people on this board are very helpful. If you go with a powerbook, I think you'll be happy. There are many things about them that make them great: backlit keyboard, everything built in yet still thin/light, better graphics card in the newer models, etc.

    Hope you enjoy using your Apple product(s)
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    Yeah..get the powerbook. I converted to Mac 6 months ago and just picked up my 4G iPod a couple weeks ago. Best decisions I've made in a while. All my questions have been answered here at MacRumors for my virgin Mac mind, too! Thanks everyone!
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    I have to admit I'm guilty of hanging around the Mac dept. of my local CompUSA for hours, answering people's questions when they walk up and play on the machines.

    Or I'm in Circuit City or Best Buy telling them to get rid of Windows.

    Well, that doesn't go over so well usually, and they more or less send me the body language of "leave me alone you freak".
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    You're not going to believe this!!! My wife just agreed to purchasing a 12" PB tomorrow!!! :D OH YEAH!!! I'll post to let you know how it went. I'll be driving down to the Apple Store at 10am sharp!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

    I've spent quite a bit of time looking at them in the Apple store already to know what I want.
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    Don't you just love how that went from "months" to "hours"?
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    Capt Underpants

    That's great! I have a 12" PB and an iPod, and they are both awesome. My iPod led me to buy my PB. I will only go back to PC's for gaming. Congratulations on the switch! There should be like a switching song that we all sing for new switchers... that would be SWEET!
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    Have fun!
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    I have owned both 12" and currently 15" PowerBooks

    and I have loved them more than almost anything. The 15" is my life-in-a-sleeve widescreen badass, but every time my friend brings his 12" over I remember how unbelievably compact and sleek the small one is. You'll *love* the PowerBook. Learn to use Expose immediately, it will make your 12" display seem much larger.
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    Well... I can tell you one thing. Probably the biggest reason I bought the iPod and after tomorrow the PB... MacRumors. I've been reading the forums for the last year and actively posting for the last month or so. In that time, I've come to appreciate the solid advice that most people post on these boards. I'm so used to communities like Slashdot or Osnews which have degraded into the same old tired posts where no real discussions. I've never found a PC forum to be so helpful in making choices and tech support. So congrats all MacRumors people on another switch!!!

    :rolleyes: Ok... that was too smushy. ;-)
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    My signature has my PowerBook configureation. The extra 512MB RAM stick is from Cruical, and I installed it myself. Not too hard. If you hit any problems, ask around here. You will get an answer pretty fast. BTW, the 12" PowerBook can go up to 5 and a half hours of battery life if you play your cards right...:D
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    Well... It's 8:30am... Apple store opens at 10am. I'm going to go buy the PB, pick up a 802.11g netgear router at CircuitCity, and a 512 Mb Kingston PC2700 SO-DIMM from Best Buy!

    I'm feeling a little nervous. It's been a long long time since I bought a whole computer at once. :) For the last 3 years I've pieced together new PC's at a much slower pace. My last total PC purchase was a Dell P3 800. It lasted a total of... 1 year. Yup, that's it. Worst computer purchase I ever made. I think that is what is making me nervous. I want this new PB to last for a long time. My wife said it will or else. :eek:

    As I may have already said... I'm getting the 12" PB with combo drive. The only addition I intend on making is the 512Mb SO-DIMM. I've noticed that people are using Macs much longer than they have PCs. In addition, I want to get out of the PC upgrade cycle. It seems like I buy a new part for my PC and it's obsolete that day (ok... maybe the next).

    Sorry for the ramble. :p

    I can't believe the wife is still up for the purchase this morning. :eek: She isn't seeming to enthused. :cool:
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    Any tips on "how to convince my wife to let me buy hardware" for the rest of us. Running out of most tricks :) Enjoy!!
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    Constant pleading... Begging... and finally if that doesn't work promise she can quit work within the next few months and stay home. Something about wanting a little ankle biter. ;-) Hey it's a new Mac... It's worth it right?
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    It is worth it! Then you'll have the "ankle-biter" raised on Mac! He/she will grow up only knowing of Mac and not the sad world of PC. Oh joy!
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    Have fun with your new PB. They are awesome little machines, just make sure you have a small phillips head screwdriver to install the RAM, there is a small door on the underside that you need to remove in order to install the RAM.

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