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First Gameplay Video of 'Angry Birds Star Wars'

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 29, 2012.

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    Angry Birds Star Wars will be released on November 8th, but today we get our first view of actual gameplay. The game plays like the standard Angry Birds, but with a Star Wars-themed twist. The video shows birds using the Force and wielding a light saber to smash the Darkside-using Pigs.

    Typical for Rovio games, Angry Birds Star Wars will be available for iOS and Mac.

    Article Link: First Gameplay Video of 'Angry Birds Star Wars'
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    I want, I want, I want!
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    looks pretty funny

    maybe I'll check it out

    Also, please make a star trek version :)
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    My 10-year-old is going to plotz. He just managed to save up half the cost of an iPod Touch, so we're buying it for him tonight. Just in time for this.

    We may never see him again.
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    Wow, now they are really cashing out.

    I wonder how many games they can get away with?
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    I was getting ready to yawn but that lightsaber does look good but I'll pass. Its a shame it won't be universal or have icloud gamesaves but you'll be sure to see in app purchases & ads.
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    I plan to... I don't know... fly casual.
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    Another Angry Birds cash cow, ready to be milked.
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    I wait for Angry Birds Star Trek with assimilated piggies.
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    Angry Birds Star Wars: The Search For More Money
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    iThinkIt is calling me from a galaxy far far way.:eek:
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    love this one
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    Lol, that actually looks pretty funny. As a star wars fan I have to buy it! ;)
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    I rather have to agree. Aside from Bad Piggies which uses a totally different game play, all of these 'games' are really just level packs of the original and should have been sold that way. But Rovio likes to rule the charts with as many titles in the top list as they can because it makes them look more awesome and get more sales etc. It's rather gross. They aren't the only guilty party (Cut the Rope has pulled the same stunts for example) but they are the most noticed.

    I completely expect to see Angry Birds Twilight, Angry Birds Hobbit, Angry Birds Avengers etc if they can get away with it.
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    Rovio Headquarters: "Hey, let's double the price to $2 and sell the original one as Angry Birds Classic!"
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    Well... it doesn't look that awesome...
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    I'm looking forward to reading more of the insightful views about how rather than being a cheap and fun game for fans of both Angry Birds and Star Wars, this actually a cyncial way to make money from either/both Rovio and/or George Lucas (ignoring the fact Lucas has retired and so isn't personally responsible in any way).

    I'll be particularly pleased if someone can explain how anyone will be forced (no pun intended) to buy the game, or why it's a terrible thing to bring people a game that will be enjoyed in a world full of bad games that are no fun but cost much more money.
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    It's not so much that they'll be forced to buy this game as other games will be pushed off of the charts, and so, for all intents and purposes, no longer be available on the app store.

    As Rovio continues to release these expansions and bill them as new apps, they'll continue to clutter the top charts until there aren't other games available on the app store.
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    so you are upset that they keep making games people want to buy?
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    Quite right.

    I've spent just over £2 in total on Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Space and have had countless hours of entertainment on my daily commute for that money, as well as loads of new levels added completely free of charge. And to make things even better, due to account sharing in iTunes, my wife has also enjoyed exactly the same completely free.

    In fact, the Angry Birds games may well be the best value for money purchase that we have ever made all things considered, and yet people still complain about them! Very strange.
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    How much milk is left in this cow?
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    Heh, thanks. If I was at home or had Photoshop on this work computer I'd have made an image with an Angry Bird jumping. Someone else is welcome to do so :)
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    2 more years:

    Lego Starwars Angry Birds: The Movie
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    Angry Birds Star Wars, because why the hell not?

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