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First-hand photos of red Apple logo inside Glass Cube in NYC

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 13, 2006.

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    Link: First-hand photos of red Apple logo inside Glass Cube in NYC
    Description:: Amid rumors that Apple will introduce a Special Edition red-colored iPod nano on Friday as part of Bono's "Product Red" campaign to fight AIDS, the white illuminated Apple logo hanging inside the glass cube over Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store is now glowing red. iProng staff is currently in New York City to cover Digital Life and took the following photos of the new-red logo Thursday evening, from inside and outside the store...

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    It's not that it's not a nice thing to do, and it's not that it's not pretty, but, like, don't mess with the logo, you know?

    Sure, it's temporary. But the jump from the old logo to the new logo was trauma enough for my consumerism ...
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    Wow.......Apple has style, seriously, I wonder if they had to change the bulbs, or if they thought so much ahead that this was already built in and just changed with a remote?
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    I've seen photos here somewhere of the logo during the day - they changed the perspex from white to red.
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    Just looks like they stuck a red fascia on it to me.

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