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First kiss?

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by mrjamin, Jun 5, 2003.

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    How old were you when you had your first kiss, who was it with and how was it?

    This is open to people of all 'inclinations' but please people, be nice, keep it clean and don't see this as an opportunity to voice your conquests!</covering my back>

    Ok, i'll go first. Mine was with a girl called kimberly at age 13, under a tree in an industrial estate; i'm so romantic! I can honestly say i can't remember it too well. Having said that, i was experiencing the frustrations of puberty so i probably thought it was the most amazing thing in the world.
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    i'm hoping that my first kiss will be with josh (ibookin') at the apple store :p :D
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    do we dare ask how old you plan to be?

    i'm 18 myself, never had a kiss or a girlfriend. humbug, life's just a pisser sometimes.
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    believe me - i wish i could say the same sometimes. The more people you're with, the more tainted your heart becomes (ouch, cliche). Its true though; everyone you go out with, a little bit of your stays with them, if you get what i mean. Its good to be independant, and you'll appreciate a girlfriend even more when it does happen.

    Best peice of advise to aid the getting a gf process: don't spend too much time on the net!! Not that many girls dig it - having said that, mine does :D

    I love my current girlfriend to pieces, which is why i kinda wish i'd never been out with anyone else
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    my heart isn't tainted, i don't suppose, but i am incredibly cynical about the whole thing as a result. whatever though.
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    i actually want ibookin to spend more time on the net.
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    Woo, I'll add to this sad thread.

    I'm 15... and I like so far 3/4 haven't got kissed yet.

    yaybooo for me. :(
  8. Mal
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    I just turned 18 in March, just got my first, and hopefully only, girlfriend two weeks ago. As such, I have not had a first kiss, nor am I trying to get there fast. I don't intend to get married until I'm out of college, so I don't need to start too much of the process until I'm at least close to it. Just my opinion.

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    im 14 and 1/2 and i still didnt get my first kiss:(
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    7th Grade

    7th Grade at a school dance.
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    I was 17...a bit late I know, but I've been with her a year and a half since, and its been fantastic.
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    I'm 15, and still no first kiss. :(
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    Wow damn are we mac users deprived or something, someone needs to start a dating service. :eek: (half kidding)

    Damn the going age is liek 18 for first kiss...
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    Uhmmm... was that a sad attempt at a diss?

    I hope not... cause that was lame...
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    My only kisses have been from relative family members, never from some around my age.
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    Mine was in 6th grade with an 8th grader named jenny. Oh yeah, who's the MAC Daddy?? Lol, i had to pull that one out.
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    I was twelve and he was the new boy at my school... a skater with curly blond hair. He had a half-pipe that his dad built in his backyard. He was one of the best boy kissers I ever came across.

    First kiss with a girl was when I was at boarding school, when I was fifteen. She was pretty cute.

    For the other gay people here: who's only ever kissed people of the same sex? When did you start?
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    Hmm...maybe we should round up all the members who haven't got kissed yet and....ok maybe not..
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    I'd have to say my first serious kiss happened when I was 19.

    Although I did kiss a girl multiple times on the lips when we were in 1st & 2nd grade (6-7 yrs. old).
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    what the hell...

    I was...14...it was raining...I was infatuated bigtime with this girl...

    one of my glory moments in life... :D
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    That would be me.[​IMG]

    What's different about kissing a boy rather than a girl? Never been much into guys myself...
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    Your a girl right. (oh god I'm bad with this) :(
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    Mr. Anderson

    1st grade for me - in front of the whole class when the teacher left the room. I moved away in 5th grade and saw her again in High School, but, well, I never mentioned it to her. Weird, that :D

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    I haven't kissed a boy for ages... so I can't remember. But some of them are ok :D
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