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First Look at the MacBook Air

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 15, 2008.

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    After the keynote, we rushed over to the MacBook Air. We will be adding more photos to this post shortly. Brief impressions

    - It is quite light and thin
    - Multi-touch seems to work well
    - Multi-touch acts differently in different apps. Testing in iPhoto, Finder, Safari. In Safari, three-finger swip caused you to go Back and Forward in browser.
    - Mac OS X 10.5.1
    - Two DIMM slots
    - 1 USB, 1 micro-DVI, an headphone. In drop-down panel... but does not appear to "collapse"
    - Bright Display, Glossy

    Article Link
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    Wow def looks good. Wife might want one.

    It's to thin for me and what I do in my job. Seems more like a fad thing to have rather than a functional.

    Business people on the go maybe, as a developer I can't use it :( Doesn't mean I wouldn't want one.

    I say Good job Apple. For a first run at slim-line laptops it's def a step in the right direction.
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    sounds like an overall great machine for those who need max portability, but not max power.
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    Be sure to post overall final impressions, if you'd be so kind - there are a lot of underwhelmed MacRumors Users (again, not to be confused with MacRumorUser) right now, myself included. Plus - holy crap - the $1,300 price diff between the 80gig and the 64gig. Yikessss.
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    User accessible?

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    I like it, but I am glad Apple offers the MacBook and the MacBook Pro, as well. Choice is good.

    And I look forward to the update to those latter two models as soon as Intel either starts shipping mobile Penryns or come May when the new Montevina CPU comes out.
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    disregarding the price- this new machine looks phenomenal.
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    As a first hands-on impression, is it worth $1799? (or less with either an education or gov't dscount)!
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    love this new name
    I dig the new Macbook Air

    but I'll be sticking with Macbook Pro...suits my lifestyle more :D

    I'm glad there is no new updates to the MBP yet....I still feel new :p
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    I had a cap of $1299...damn shame too, I really want one...next year, when they update it again maybe.
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    Sleek and thin but unfortunately the foot print is too big. No where as ultra portable as Asusand Sony's 12 inch laptops.
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    I was hoping for something that would effect the price of the other portables.

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    According to the Apple store they are on-board. The protos had the slots though...
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    Agreed. When its viewed from the front with the lid shut the rounded edges look quite like the Motorola PEBL
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    Ember Whimsy

    This one is perfect for me. I've never wanted a laptop in my life because of the size, whenever I've had one I end up selling it because it's a pain to haul around with me - I'm constantly on the go and fast, I don't need a heavy weight with me.

    However, someone told me that due to the size of it and how compact things are inside of it, it would have major heat issues that would cause it to crash, especially in the summer. How likely is this?
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    Here in the Netherlands the Macbook Air costs 1699 euro, so Apple is finally letting go of the dollar/euro equality. Still, it's cheaper to buy one in the US i guess (wich would be 1209 euros :| ).
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    Sealed non user replaceable battery?

    Soldered on RAM?

    No ethernet jack?


    No thanks. :rolleyes:

    It's an expensive, disposable toy.
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    +1. My wife would love it because she likes the portability. I'm running a full studio off my MacBook Pro... 'nuff said.
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    I have not seen this posted the macbook air does not have a replaceable battery. It is similar to the iphone and ipod. So no more switching out batteries on the go.
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    No replaceable battery by the looks of it and the specs on Apple's sight. That's a bit hard to swallow.

    But the glossy screen makes it a NO SALE for me anyway. :(
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    This thing is DEFINITELY very portable. If you are in the market for a portable laptop, this should definitely be in consideration. I think the price is fair for the amount of engineering that went into it and the fact that it contains custom parts.
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    To anyone that has 'handled' it (directing to the guys on location) how durable is it?

    I mean I know it can fit in an envelope but I don't want it as flimsy as an envelope. I'm pretty sure it's durable, I'm just asking for 'impressions' of the feel of it.
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    more macbook plus than macbook pro

    I expect it will sell very well. From what I read so far it is more a high end macbook than part of the pro line.
    For me the glossy screen is the deal breaker. I'd also prefer no camera but could probably live with it. The combination of glossy and camera probably eliminate it from the bulk of the corporate market.
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    Looks like some short work with a torx will show us what's under the hood. Anybody carrying at MWSF? You'd only need a few minutes to distract the staff. :p

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