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First Online Retina MacBook Pro Orders Arriving

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 14, 2012.

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    While we noted early yesterday that the first Retina MacBook Pro orders had begun shipping, a number of MacRumors readers are now reporting that the first deliveries are already arriving.


    At least one of the readers who received his new MacBook Pro had ordered a custom configuration, bumping the high-end stock model to the 2.7 GHz processor and 16 GB of RAM.


    Portion of label from delivered Retina MacBook Pro showing custom configuration


    Newly-delivered Retina MacBook Pro on initial boot
    A few customers have reported being able to obtain the new Retina MacBook Pro in-store, but many Apple retail stores still do not have any stock of the machines beyond the display models, with some now indicating that they will not have stock until Monday.

    (Thanks, Trevor and Jeremy!)

    Article Link: First Online Retina MacBook Pro Orders Arriving
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    Lets see some videos you lucky early adopters! Photoshop, games etc :D
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    Not at my local stores

    I have been checking my local stores and they do not have them....:mad:
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    Well colour me Jealous. I'd love a computer with a screen that good. Is there a matte option?
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    Great! Have fun you lucky first adopters :D!
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    Does the screen really have those pinkish and greenish hues I'm seeing in that photo?
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    Glad for them! Let the machine work well & long (c)
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    yup you will definitely need to boost your ram to at least 8 gig when you order..
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    I hope you're being sarcastic.
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    That sounds exciting but then its same OS so should get old in 30 min or so...of course unless its replacing a PC or a really old Mac.
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    All of the retina apps better be out by next Friday when I should get mine! :p
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    Ordered my 2.7 with 8gb ram and 512 SSD, just shipped last night to Seattle, won't get here till Monday. I ordered within 5 minutes of the Apple Store going live! WTH.
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    The lack of "Macbook Pro" under the screen still seems odd to me. I understand why they did it, but I guess I'm just not used to it.
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    Standard is 8GB - the option on both is for 16GB.

    If I were ordering I would do the max ram as you can't upgrade it in the future.
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    You people with money suck. :p
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    Can't wait until the "My screen has yellow tint" threads start.
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    The Retina MacBook Pro already comes with 8GB of memory. Also, how is a comment on memory relevant to this thread?
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    Do you honestly not see what I'm talking about?
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    Mad Mac Maniac

    how long does it take to boot?
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    why is apple doing this :S, I mean they create great product and then it's very short on supply...still waiting for my rMBP
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    I'll be waiting until next year when they bring out a proper PRO MB so I can upgrade from my 2008 MBP, and not this eye-candy to keep the masses with deep pockets happy.

    Mirror Mirror on the wall why has the new MBP not got the latest and greatest Processor of them all..

    "...Well Pyzon you see, Apple have a glut of processors and 'must have' purchasers so we will bundle the 'not so new' MBP with the old crap and bring out a new soooped up MBP for the rest next year.."

    Thank you Mirror! don't fail me or I'll crack you! :D
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    Using Photoshop in 15" it's too small and MBP is overpriced. Better waiting for a n new iMac...
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    I think that's the vignette textured loading screen?
  24. Drunken Master, Jun 14, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2012

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    Drunken Master

    Mine does, I checked them out yesterday.

    I'd say early adopters will have a couple "disappointments" until everything is updated to retina graphics. I opened updated apps like Aperture, iPhoto and iMovie, they looked great on the RMBP. But then I opened Pages and Keynote, which haven't been updated yet, and everything looks blurry. But that'll change eventually.

    Surfing the web...honestly felt about the same. Sure, font was really crisp when I zoomed way, way in but nobody reads articles zoomed way in. Watched some 1080p video (the retina MBP ad, natch) and it worked flawlessly, but almost seemed fuzzy as well. They need something higher res than 1080p to take full advantage of this thing.

    It seems to me honestly that the larger the screen, the less the "retina" is noticeable. Put an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 4 side-by-side and you can tell the difference in the screens from 20 feet away. An iPad 2 and new iPad, it's noticeable but you have to get look more closely. The retina MBP, aside from the dock, it just wasn't as noticeable, unless you're doing big zoom-ins on high res photos or fonts.

    Edit: Truth hurts, huh? Sorry to **** on your parade guys, but this is coming from someone who does graphic design, photo and video editing for a living and I don't wear glasses either.
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    Are you serious? Does that mean that the aluminum on his macbook has a reddish tint as well? Seriously it is just the lighting in the room and the camera used to take the picture. No pink tint

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