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First Tongue Transplant Successful

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by eyelikeart, Jul 21, 2003.

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    that is one of the most disturbing things ever.

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    I don't know...

    that CBS tv show with the talking baby...

    that's pretty creepy... :eek:
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    Several "interesting" articles there, including this one.
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    Your joking right :looks at eyes tar:

    Thhaatt is creepy.


    BTW, where did they get the old tongue from?
    Seems weird a living person would give there toungue to someone else...

    Your kidding right, that was posted in community Disc...
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    Ralphie's not that scary... ;)

    He does watch over me while I sleep each night...looks damned sinister under a red light even... :eek: :D
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    Sure sure, he doesn't look 'scary'.

    Its a little freaky at night man.
    you look over and *wham*
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    Heh. Been gone for a couple of days and I haven't caught up on all the threads yet.
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    Oh man, I saw this earlier and was gonna post it when I got home, I knew you guys would be interested.

    I wonder what its like to have someone else's tongue in your mouth! ( Nothing like a little double meaning in your words. ) How crazy. I wonder if he'll be able to taste ever? If this takes off, imagine cosmetic tongue replacement! Gene Simmons will be perfectly normal by comparison to what they'll be able to do next.

    I'm not sure where they got the tongue, one article I read was talking about getting muscles from other parts of the body for transplant surgery, but I don' know if they were specifically talking about this one or not. Weird Science!
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    That's so disturbing, disgusting. The taste, diffrent size? I never even thought of tongue surgery. I don't think many people will want to change their tongue's but then again...
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    This is great. Now all those stupid idiots who get their tongue forked and decide they want a real, high paying job (excluding borders bookstore and starbucks) can now get it fixed good as new.
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    Is the juxtaposition of this story and the "Mini-Me to Wed 6'2" Girlfriend" story meant to hint at something?
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    this isn't disturbing nor disgusting, it's incredible and an amazing feat of medical science. This person had a tumor that affected the tounge and jaw, without the transplant he would have been toungeless which means he would have a very hard time ever speaking again and could never taste again, it's amazing that this worked.
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    My question remains:
    Where the hell do you get an extra tongue from?
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    u pervert... ;)
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    I would imagine that they get those from fresh cadavers, just like hearts for heart transplants and skin for burn victims. Yummy.
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    don t want to think of that ,-)
    thought it might be really useful for the person.
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    this video
    might explain where they come from.
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    I pray that the surgery will be successful. Transplant surgery is risky. Rejection and infection is a constant problem and must be monitored. Having use of the tongue is fairly easy, it's just a matter of attaching the muscles. As for the return of taste, nerve regeneration is an area not yet undertood completely. Transplant surgery has come along way, they are able to control rejection now. It's good that they can get patients off medications like prednisone sooner, because of side effects.
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    Well, probably got it the same way they get hearts, kidneys, livers etc. The idea of running around with another man's tongue might be weird, but I guess it's more bearable than running around with no tongue at all...

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