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First Wii game with live?

Discussion in 'Games' started by giganten, Apr 3, 2007.

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    I dont now any other Wii game that will have "live" play yet, please tell me if I am wrong. But Mario Strikers: Charged Football will get support for "live". :D

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    Hmm... Ranked matches? Does this mean no more crappy ass friend codes?
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    cool.. finally an online game for the wii!!

    but how do you control the persons feet with a wiimote? lol!! i can understand using your arms for tennis..

    maybe you have to put the strap around your ankle? :eek:

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    Haha! :D
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    Damn... When I decide to leave the UK, they make the Wii more interesting :mad:
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    your location is still beeston, notts mate :)

    you could always come back!! lol..

    but whereever you are in the world.. the wii will be anyway.. :D
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    I was under the impression the new pokemon game would be the first online wii game....or that could of been just in japan?
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    I'm after this game just because I hear the original was very good. I don't even like football games or the real sport. But hey, if it does the classic Mario Sports game of "arcade over sport" then I'm all for this. Online would be nice, but I feel it'd be a much better game to have local multiplayer. Like Smash Bros or Mario Kart.
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    It's definitely an arcade game. I'm only playing the single player to unlock things. Maybe they'll add some depth with the Wii (like the way Camelot did Mario Golf and Mario Tennis), but I doubt it's likely nor is it that necessary with online play.
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    God I hope they don't try to make you wag your wrist for footy games...that would be so stupid. Maybe in a goalie mode...but anything beyond that will be hideous.

    This is an odd world we live in. The Texan (me) a die hard Liverpool and footy supporter and the UK guy (jimmi) not a fan :)

    I'm such a fan of the sport I'll buy this till next year's Fifa or Winning make their way to the wii....hopefully with regular controller support.

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    It's hard to say what the first online game for the Wii will be when Nintendo continues to side-step the issue.

    Here's hoping it really takes off, because I think it would be a great aspect of the Wii.
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    The first online game will obviously be a big step, but I cant help but think that its really going to be another year or two before they get online as feature rich and fun as it needs to be. Xbox live is head and shoulders above everything else out there at the moment.
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    Nintendo needs to realize they don't have a clue when it comes to online, and hire people who do.
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    Yea, like give out super early and crappy online dev kits so we could have TP with an online battle option that didn't work 'cuz it was too buggy.

    Realise the irony when it's Gamespy working the Nintendo servers.
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    I did find this.
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    It is very good. I hate soccer and this game actually made me care about it as a sport. :D
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    Wow, you people are behind. This was announced last year, and demoed in LAN mode at the Leipzig GC.
    The important news here is that we finally have a release date. May 25th for Europe...no U.S. date yet?

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