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First WIP entry

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by Mr. Anderson, Aug 14, 2002.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Here's a lores rendering (the main one is 2250x1400 pixels) of a current project I'm working on. Its a conceptual rendering, so details aren't as important as form and impression of space and lighting. I'll be adding some more details to it - people for scale and some other texture maps along with possible minor model changes.


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    Light source?

    Duke, how many light sources are you using there? There, that is about the extent of my graphics knowledge. Looks really cool though, I will be sure to show it ot the MRS tonight.
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    Mr. Anderson

    there are about 12 lights, totally nuts, but it only takes a little under an hour to render at the print resolution (150dpi, 11"x17")

    Its a very cool thing, a travelling exhibit on the Giant Squid.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Ok, here's the final conceptual version - I might have to do more in a month or so, but most likely this will be it.

    Possible additions would include people and some texture maps.


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    i love giant squids....

    that's it
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'll put up a Cubic Quicktime VR when I get the chance to render it - it will be a little more interesting.

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    Mr. Anderson


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