FishDiary for iPhone (iOS 5+) - personal diary for fishermen

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    Hi, members of MacRumors forum!

    FishDiary is our first payed iPhone app and it is designed to tracking fishing trips.Have your catches in your pocket! FishDiary allows planning fishing trips, logging catches, photos and descriptions. The app offers a simple interface for displaying statistics and viewing individual trips on the map. The app can run on every iPhone with iOS 5+ and of course on the new iPhone 5 in fullscreen mode.

    FishDiary offers:
    Adding and planning fishing trips
    Records of GPS coordinates, adding descriptions, photos and video records
    Clear statistics and simple search
    Viewing fishing trips on the map

    FishDiary will be on 1th December 2012 on App Store for 3.99$.

    Future of the app: Right now we're working on the update, which besides offers sharing catches, detailed parameters on fishing trips and connection with social network Facebook and more.

    Please contact me if you have any questions. If you are interested in sending PROMO code for downloading app for free you can write a review. Thank you in advance for consideration whether you review our app.
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