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Fitting a Brodit iPad Headrest Mount (215447)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Phil Lee, Jun 4, 2010.

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    I ordered a Brodit iPad Headrest mount from DSL Developments on 24th May and received it yesterday. I was able to fit it today and take some photos so thought I'd offer up some initial thoughts.

    The mount consists of a clamp with a built-in ProClip mounting and a holder for the iPad which attaches to it. The clamp is designed to fit around the posts of a headrest. Unfortunately it didn't fit the headrest in my car, a 2009 Skoda Octavia. The supplied M5 x 45 cap head screws weren't long enough to secure the two halves of the clamp together. They are long enough for a maximum headrest post diameter of ~13mm. The posts in my car are 14mm diameter.

    I advised DSL Developments of this and ordered some replacement screws from Service Champions which arrived today. I wasn't sure which length to get so ordered 2 M5 x 55 and 2 M5 x 60 screws. In the end I used the M5 x 55 screws to secure the clamp as shown below:


    The iPad holder screws to the clamp in the same way as all Brodit ProClip mounts do. It looks like this fitted in place:


    The iPad holder can easily be removed by undoing a single retained screw, which is great if you're not going to be using the mount for a while and don't want to advertise you have an iPad.

    It is very easy to clip the iPad into the holder. It is secured at the top and bottom as shown below. It is important to get the iPad in the right way round so the volume rocker and orientation lock aren't being pressed on.


    The wings at the side don't touch the iPad and are only used for location.


    As you can see, the holder is great way to use the iPad in a car to keep the little ones in your life entertained. I'm sure my daughter will love watching Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse on it.



    For more information, visit the official Brodit page for the mount.
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    I'm guessing you can't put the ipad in the holder if you have a case? Does the unit shake when you go down the road?
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    The iPad has to be out of a case to fit in the holder. As for shake, I haven't actually used it yet but will report back after the weekend when my daughter will be using it for the first time on a trip we're taking.
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    Im hoping the feather will fit. I am interested on this
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    How did the headrest mount work out for you? I would appreciate any feedback since I am also interested in this model. Thanks.
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    There are two thing I don't like about this case from what I can see from your pics:
    1. it requires having the headrest up at least enough to have the headrest posts exposed. This means that in my vehicle, I have to have the headrest too high for my head which makes the headrest not fitted to my head properly and potentialy not as safe in an accident (I have active head restraints and they are angled towards the front passengers heads)
    2. the hold does not look secure at all for the force of an accident. It is quite amazing what can become a projectile in an accident and simply clipping in like that means it has the potential to fly out of the mount and hit my child or other passenger in an accident.
    I have more safety concerns than most folks though so no worries if others don't share the same opinion.
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    OP - can you give us an update? do you have scratches now on ipad aluminum?
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    I've only used it a couple of times. My iPad doesn't have any scratches on it from the holder.
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    I bought one as well. No scratches. Another option if your headrest bars are too large is to just turn around the part on the opposite side of the headrest. It will work without getting larger bolts.

    My impressions are that it worked well, but the swivel is a little loose as it will turn a little easy especially if you have an overactive child like I do. Also, invest in some headphones because the internal speaker for the iPad works poorly in a car especially in large road noise conditions.
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    And it would never survive a New York pothole...:D
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    I live in Manhattan and have used the Proclip in my car since early July. I've had no problems with New York potholes as well as significant street construction on 1st and 2nd Avenues. The iPad is held very firmly and is very adjustable.
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    1) The clamp is only 1/2 inch think. Does that really make a difference to your driving position?

    2) I've been using this for a couple of months. The ipad is seems very secure to me. I don't think this is an issue.
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    If I have to raise the headrest at all, then yes it affect my position. I have the headrest in the lowest position right now and raising it at all pushes my head forward weird because the headrest angles towards my head. The lowest height is almost too hight for me which is why I think that raising it all affects how it sits behind my head.

    The posted pics sure make the black clamp look a lot more than a half inch think. The headrest looks raised about an inch to me. Perhaps it's just an optical illusion? Maybe the OP can comment how high he needed to raise the headrest.

    You won't know until you're in an accident. I've had a couple friends in accidents and their securely attached portable DVD players went flying so it's a worry I have.
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    CoulVue Headrest Mount

    TouCoul, the company I work for (full disclosure!) just came out with CoulVue which is an iPad headrest mount that swivels and extends. Right now it's available for pre-order and will ship in March.

    Here's the link:
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    too much $, but very nice one.

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