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Fixing The iOS 7 Icons (What does everyone think of these?)

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by nevesis, Jun 12, 2013.

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    i think there is too much white.
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    I like the overall look but theres too much white in there. Definitely need some more colour...

    They still look better then the iOS 7 ones ;)
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    I like the look of it, but from a usability standpoint, they are worse than the actual ones because they are harder to differentiate; they're mostly all white, and the unnecessary bits of color in Settings, Compass, Phone, Mail, Safari, Music, etc. have no use. The color used in iOS 7 is used more intelligently, I prefer the actual iOS 7 icons.
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    I am worried iOS7 will look like poo on the black iPhone. There have been no photos of the new OS on a black phone...
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    Honestly, ANY Safari icon looks better than this preschoolers nightmare they have shipped with the beta. It is just plain fugly.
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    Agreed thrice!
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    I'd rather stick with the stock iOS7 icons if those were my choices.
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    I don't think it look to bad. Not a good pic but that's all I could do for now.

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    I think theyre the same icons but with a different colour scheme. Look you just coloured in the inside of the settings app. This doesn't change the icon design suckyness
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    Not as bad considering you've hid almost half the stock icons.
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    Jessica Lares

    I personally LOVE those.
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    I feel like if apple went that route. Everyone would have an easier transition to ios7.
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    So Game centre, Passbook, Vodeos and Maps make almoust half of the stock Apps? Some people here would wish that :)

    Good maths anyway ;)
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    Weather, maps, videos, notes, reminders, game center, stocks, game center, newstand, passbook, compass, calculator, etc..

    When they're all hidden in folders. No, it doesn't look as bad.
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    The biggest and most important change you made in your mockup was drop shadows for every icon.
    Add drop shadows for the text too, and you've got yourself a deal.
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    I personally prefer apple's, except for safari. Yours look good though.
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    Game centre twice? Nice :D

    Anyway, they are organised acordingly based on their relavance. I won't have an App I don't often use on my first page (and not based on how icons look like, something I don't care much about)
    Becides, most apps you mentioned are in a folder, main page.
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    I will never understand this sentiment. Your monitor is probably surrounded by black, your MacBook probably has a black bezel, and your TV is likely black.

    MacRumors is totally clashing with my Dell display right now. :rolleyes:
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    You didn't fix the settings or camera icons.
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    I do think these are really nice, however, I still don't think these are the kind of designs Apple would implement, they are the kind of thing that you would get in a jailbreak theme for winterboard or something.

    I do especially like the messages icon though
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    He should have used the same wallpaper on both to compare them! Not one bright and one dark!
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    Exactly my point. They're all hidden in folders which is why I agree with you that your home screen now doesn't look to bad now.

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