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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Durandal7, Aug 4, 2003.

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    I personally found this to be one of the funniest things I have seen in a while :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Someone posted another thread on this -but its great to see its getting bigger.

    I'd personally love to see one or be in one - anyone know of this sort of thing happening in the DC area let me know!

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    I don't know... I still think they are weird. :D
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    Sounds like fun! Anyone know about one in the Albany area soon?
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    i should organize this in my area! that would be so friggin funny to see. anyone wqant to help me do that in the monroe area? lol:p
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    We had a flash mob event here in Boston recently. The story was on our local news, they found it to be very amusing. All the organizing was done via email and the internet. The only question that did not get answered is how people are notified.

    The event occurred at a Harvard Square bookstore. The crowd appeared to fill up a large part of the store. When ask they would say that "I'm here to purchase a card for Bob." They dispersed just as quietly as they formed.
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    I must have missed that thread.

    I would like to be in one of these, though it may be a while before one forms in my city. There have been some in Denver but I don't really want to go out of my way to be in one.

    Hilarious :D
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    hah i would love to be in one of these or witness one of these; its just the kind of mild uprising people need to start laughing more :cool:
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    Yeah this idea is great, something our society really needs.

    I want to be in one of these, who knows the site?
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    Try this site.
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    Its weird, that doesn't look like the organizing site... it just says what they *did* do and the press stuff and everything...

    where is that e-mail sign up list? :confused:
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    How about a regional MR flash mob day? We could organize as many as feasibly possible based on the geographic distribution of all willing members and choose a day to take the nation by surprise.
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    What will really be cool is to setup a "Flash Mob" across the US to visit their local Apple Store. It would be like a second opening party. Everyone would be going asking for a certain item!
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    They seem pretty cool right now.

    I just hope that they don't get out of hand.
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    '400 Mac uses Flooded the New York SoHo Mac Store Asking for the Windows iTunes music store today, the store was in a state of shock and awe during the event'

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    no one found a website to join the email list yet?
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    how about evryone goes to thier local apple store, and they all buy me powermacs and cinema displays!


    no takers?

    i guess it was worth a shot:p
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    Re: ?

    Seriously, even the 'underground' websites are easy to find, this must be covert ops...

    Someone find it quick!
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    maybe we should start our own Mac based Flash Mob. Plenty of weird, Mac like things to do in a "Scene"
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    I think that the idea is to cause a friendly mob at a store. Looking for an item with no intention to purchase! Sorry bennetsaysargh, but I don't blame you for trying!
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    anyone here read any Larry Niven?

    Back in the 70's one of my favorite SF authors wrote several short stories that involved Flash Mobs and the formation of the [Somethingorother] Permanent Floating Riot Club that based it's operations on the principle that flash mobs provided a perfect opportunity for looting if you know when/where they will occur.

    Niven wasn't the greatest writer the English language has ever seen, but he did some really ingenious social extrapolation from a few simple ideas (he also predicted organlegging, wireheading and other social problems we are starting to see emerge as real problems today).

    Still good reading (esp. his SF-mysteries in the Long ARM of Gil Hamilton series).

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    Arg, someone tell me the site...

    Enough is enough, it can't be *that* much of a secret, ask your friend, and tell that friend to ask his friend. ect.

    And tell them to search online, MUST... FIND... FLASH MOB PAGE.

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