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flash NVIDIA Quadro FX4500 512MB

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by 1o2, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. 1o2
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    Hello guys, im back. :):):)

    As many pros in here are recommended that the NVIDIA Quadro FX4500 512MB is the best graphic card for G5 2.5 Quad (because im doing a lot of music & video editing. I certainly need the best graphic card possible i can get).

    So, I was able to cop this graphic card from ebay for $140 from this guy http://cgi.ebay.com/Hewlett-Packard...618?pt=PCC_Video_TV_Cards&hash=item2309fcd7ca a week ago. I just received it today. BRAND NEW.

    I've read many threads in here (just want to learn more about apple machine) and one of the post that i've read is http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=966972 that we were able to flash this graphic card.

    What do i need in order to flash this card?

    I have no idea how to do it. If someone in here has experienced, please help me out from the start to the end (step by step, because i am a slow person :)).

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    You need a PC or Mac Pro (PCIe capable machine that could boot DOS).

    Read details here. You can omit eraseeeprom thing and do not bother with part about pins taping (it's for AGP cards only).

    For FX4500 flashing use nvflash 5.63. Back up your PC ROM before flash. It's much easier than it looks, even if you're a newbie and not "techhy" person :)
  3. 1o2
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    do i have to install my graphic card into my pc?

    I was trying to install Quadro FX 4500 card into my PC. somehow it didnt fit. Am i doing something wrong?
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    yes if you want to flash it you need to put it into the pc first
    as only there you can flash it ..apart if you got a MacPro at home then you could also flash the card in there

    but as you possibly have read my post on another thread about flashing cards ..if things go wrong you got a nice paperweight you need the right flash for the card and here you find a how to and the download of the right flash

  5. 1o2
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    the Quadro FX 4500 card didnt fit my PC. why?
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    are you sure your pc has a PCIe slot ?
  7. 1o2
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    yeah. its slot 1. but this card is too big (the size)

    Should i go to Apple store and ask them to flash it for me? how much would it cost u know?
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    They won't flash it. Don't even waste your time going there.
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    you mean the card is to high or to wide or to long ? then you likely need a bigger pc ..... as i doubt apple will flash pc cards in store
    that would be like asking in pcworld if they can sell you a hackintoshed hp pc

    if you cant do it yourself then your best bet is to look for someone who can , there had been guys around flashing pc cards for ppc Mac's but ..that was a couple years ago
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    why wont it fit? the cooler on the side touches another card? if thats the case, then remove the other card while doing this.

    you sure your current PC has a PCI-E (thats PCI-Express) slot?
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    or he has a pc that only takes half high cards
  12. 1o2
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    no, the cooler on the side of the card stuck on the back bridge of the PC. where i cant access all the way through.

    i match the length of my current card to fx 4500 and it the same length to enter the slot.

    its too wide.

    Does anybody in here live around Maryland that knows how to do it? Ill Pay.
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    mate, iam going to go out on a limb here as ask you if you have opened up the case of the PC? have you ever replaced a graphics card yourself?

    if any of the above questions have a NO for answer, then pls forget what you are doing.
  14. 1o2
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    Yes, i've opened up the case of my PC (many times). Yes, i have replaced video card, audio card as well as memory ram before.

    For some reason this card didnt fit in my PC thats it all.
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    one thing mate , and no offense , sell the quadra again and buy a
    ATI Radeon X800 G5 Mac Edition its available sometimes on ebay US ,just put in ebay
    graphics Mac and it will show up among some others sometimes , its just plug and play
    without fuss and is not a bad card either and safes you loads of hassle
    with your paperweight at the moment


    i know the quadra is supposed to be better , but as you cant even use it in your pc ,
    so a slower working card thats easy to install in the G5 is better then a fast paperweight

    and they cost usually around the $300 so a small price to pay for a card you can actually use
  16. 1o2
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    everything is cool :). i appreciated yall help.
    i will talk to my friends first. to see if they able to help me out with this problem. If not i will sell it then. no hurry. lol.
    I just got this card for two days less. but i really do like to see the perform of this card thou.
  17. 1o2
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    will looking for this ATI Radeon X800 G5 Mac Edition if the fx4500 will not work out for me.
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    X800 won't work in Quad. It was AGP card.

    OP, maybe one of your friends has PCIe PC in which this Quadro will fit.
  19. 1o2
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    Like 666Sheep said, thats an AGP card for older Powermacs. If you can't get the Quadro to work, look for a Radeon X1900 or a GeForce 7800GT for your G5. Both are also much more powerful cards than the 6600 that came with most of the PCIe Powermacs.
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    :eek: ooops forgot bout that PCIe thingy , ok the x1900 it is then , the thing is unlike nvidia ATI had retailed their Mac cards so they are easier to come by
    but the X1900 was not trouble free if i remember that right
  22. 1o2
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    Okay, i asked a few friends for help, but most of them r using laptop. so cant get any help out from them.

    But i just come up with an idea (just a thought). I able to take off the cooler (fan) on the side of the fx 4500 and it did fitted my pc now. But would it work without the cooler for flashing without any harm for the card?
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    DONT run that card without the cooler or youll have a card you can throw in the bin.
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    Like VanneDC said: DON'T do it. It will fry in half a minute, maybe even faster.
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    never ever run a GPU without the cooling fan
    GPU diodes get hotter then a cpu and builders of gaming rigs get rid of the original coolers and fit massive heatsinks , more powerful fans or even liquid cooling to keep the temp of a GPU down its not for looks only , they do that for a reason
    i bet i could even run your cpu's far longer without cooling fan if i leave the case open then i can run your graphics card without cooling fan as unlike GPU's CPU have higher tolerances when it comes to heat

    and NOOOOO dont take the cpu cooler off to make space for the graphics card

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