Flea-bay TPU case does not play well with screen protectors?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by clyde2801, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Purchased a black TPU case for ipad 2 off of e-bay, and it appears to be peeling my ghost armor off of the side of my screen on the opposite side of the smart cover. This happened before when I had my incase magazine jacket, and it looks like I blamed the wrong case for the malfunction.

    Anyone else having this problem? Being your typical fussy, OCD mac owner, it's kind of detracting from my enjoyment of the case.

    And for those who bought the authorized, non bezel covering, smart cover compatible cases (x-gear, marware, etc), are any of these having the same effect?

    Trying to decide if I should live with the edge peeling, or try another (brand name) case.
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    And if I had to guess, I would say the edges of the case not quite fitting right on the ipad have something to do with the peeling. I'd say the edge coming on and off the side or edge of the screen is forcing the screen protector loose.
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    I wish I could tell you about the Marware microshell. Rumor is that they will start shipping today for those that have pre-ordered. It's taking FOREVER. I'm sure there will be plenty of reviews once people actually get them.
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    This happens to my eBay TPU back case and a static cling screen protector as well. I had to remove the TPU case immediately. I don't think it was poorly designed, as it fits well before without the screen protector. The problem lies in the edge of the of screen protector happens to land right at the edge of the lips of the TPU case. The TPU material beging elastic will cause the lips to move a bit, and thus lifting the screen protector.

    I wondering if I should try a screen protector for iPad 1 on my iPad 2. The dimension of the iPad 1 screen is a bit smaller, and so the film may just be small enough that the TPU case won't rub. I won't worry about the camera cut hold, as the camera will work find viewing through the film.
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    I use a zagg anti glare and the protector also accommodates for a tpu case. I know most people hate zagg products but I like the anti glare version since it does not have that orange peal affect of the first one plus having friends at BB helps with discounts, free installs and free replacements.
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    I freakin' LOVE the ghost armor material. Makes the zagg on my v1 look thick, sticky and tacky (in more than one way). I'm debating on if I should chuck the TPU's and use the pad with the smart cover and GA. Tote it around in my little leather $20 targus case from best buy.

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