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Fluidvision, what do you think?! :)

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development (archive)' started by MrSugar, Jan 26, 2004.

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    Hi guys, I have been running my own personal graphic showcase website for a while. It's got a blog and stuff too, but mainly I use it just to show the design work I have done.

    My new version is up and I am curious as to what people think! Let me know your feelings, and if you find any weird errors, I am all ears! Thanks.

    Fluidvision.net version3
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    first things first, you have no DOCTYPE declared.... List of valid doctypes and how to choose a doctype

    once you get that finished, you should validate your site

    and possibly consider using CSS positioning instead of tables

    All in all though, i'm very impressed with how clean the site appears and the work on it.
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    It looks very nice, clean and classy and the right balance between form and function.

    to go back to what mnkeybsness said, there is no doctype so the web browser has to guess at what kind of code its about to recieve. The doctype serves a number of other purposes too.

    Assuming you're coding with HTML 4 Transitional, here's what happens when you stick it in a validator:


    I always try to produce valid HTML pages (valid XHTML is preferable) as they'll (generally speaking) degrade much better accross browsers.

    But yeah, it looks great and is easy to get around!
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    Mr. Anderson

    Nice stuff - but what exactly are the 'battles'?

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    A battle is pretty much when one person takes an image (picture, drawing, etc.) and then manipulates it. Then send this manipulated image to the other person battling, and this person re-does the image adding their own things. The image evolves (steps of the battle). :) fun stuff
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    Photoshop tennis, essentially.

    I'll just echo everyone else's comments about code validation and nice layout. :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Yeah, I sort of figured that, but its odd how the original and final image almost never have any of the same elements in them. Do you have any rules for this? It actually looks quite fun.

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    Naw no rules, you pretty much just do what you feel. You can make rules, but I always do it with people I know.. so it's pretty relaxed.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, I thinking more in terms of time frame for the turn around and such ... good stuff, regardless.

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    Usually it's just one a day or so, nothing real strict. We try to limit it from being hours and hours spent on one image.

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