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Discussion in '1,000,000 Post Contest' started by Flying Llama, Aug 18, 2004.

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    Flying Llama

    A little eclipse animation I drew in Photoshop then animated in ImageReady.

    Update: 3 second pause between eclipses.

    Update2: 1 second pause when covered.

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    Cool. I'd put a little time between the eclipses though. Maybe 3 sec.
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    Flying Llama

    Thanks, i'm doing that right now!
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    it looks good, except that there is a pause when it is in the middle...

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    Flying Llama

    When the moon is in front of the sun or when it is gone? if when it is gone it's supposed to do that, otherwise it's your computer... :confused:
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    I like the eclipse avatar. Flying Llama, you've made a ton of avatars, but you've missed an obvious submission. Make an avatar of a flying llama.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Nah, the obvious is to stop the eclipse when it looks like the Apple logo :D

    Then flash the real logo and continue with the eclipse.

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    That's a great idea for the eclipse avatar! My suggestion was meant as an entirely new avatar, though. Although, an eclipse caused by a flying llama sounds pretty funny. :D
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    Very nice, Mr. Llama.
    What about a short pause when the image is at "Maximum Eclipse?"
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    Flying Llama

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    It's a solar eclipse, but there's a unique name for the type in which the moon doesn't completely hide the Sun. It's got a cool name and starts with a. I can't think of the name. These "I know it starts with..." events are seriously getting to me and the first person to say it's alzheimer's gets a very hard kick in the ass.
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    Don't panic

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