Foam tips vastly improve isolation in apple in-ears

Discussion in 'iPod' started by masse, Aug 26, 2009.

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    Title says it all. I lost one of the tips, so came up with my own solution. I grabbed some soft ear plugs, cut the fat end off, poked a hole through the middle and shoved it on my earbud. Amazing results. Isolation is about twice as good as the rubber tips, and I had a pretty good fit in those. No problems with them falling out of my ears anymore either.

    I didn't look for ear plugs that matched so they are a little goofy looking color-wise, but actually look quite professionally done. At work right now. Will post some pictures later if anyone is interested.
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    I would love to see a pic! Good idea.
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    I believe a company called comply makes these foam buds fora number of headphones. Check their site to see if they make some for the apple in-ears. Personally though, I think the etyomotic MC5 sounds the best for the price and also isolates the best. 35- 42 dB :)
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    I have the Etymotic mc3 (essentially an mc5 with iPhone/iPod inline controls) and there is one problem: you need to really crank up the volume to get decent sound out of these IEM's if directly connected to an iPod. That's why I got the iBasso T3 portable headphone amplifier with their CB07 iPod to 3.5 mm connector cable and the difference in sound quality is DRAMATIC--the headphone really "wakes up" and sounds really good now. [​IMG]
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    Yup, these things need a decent amount of juice but sound pretty decent without an amp but a simple DIY CMOY amp will do the same. And, in case nobody has told you this just yet, sorry for your wallet. :D
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    Actually not. The iBasso T3 portable amp plus the CB07 cable set me back only US$150, cheap by the standards for portable headphone amps. The really good ones from iBasso and Ray Samuels Audio can set you back WAY over US$300--not including the connector cable from the iPod to amp!

    I tried the iPod plus T3 combination with my other in-ear monitors (IEM's) I own (the Klipsch Image S4i and the current Apple dual-driver IEM) and wow, the difference is dramatic: the bass is clearer, and the treble sounds really good now. [​IMG]
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    yeah, the comply company makes some foam tips that are specifically for apple... they call it whoomp though. I have them for my apple in-ears. I like them a lot

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