FocusTwist Allows iPhone Users to Capture Refocusable Lytro-style Images

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    FocusTwist, from developer Arqball, is an app that allows iPhone users to take pictures with variable focus points. Photographs captured with the app use multi-image functionality to refocus specific areas in the snapshot, producing an end result that is similar to the refocusable images that can be created with the Lytro Light Field Camera.

    To create a refocusable photograph, FocusTwist takes several different images of an object at once, each with a different focal point. Because the camera is capturing multiple photographs, the app requires a steady hand or a tripod to produce accurate results.

    The developers suggest composing scenes with an object that is three to four inches away from the iPhone's camera and another object that is positioned further in the background for optimal results.

    With multiple images captured, users can click through images to choose different focus points after an image has been taken. Focus shifting is done through the company's servers (which also compensate for shaking) and finished images can be shared with a link.

    FocusTwist for the iPhone can be downloaded from the App Store for $1.99. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: FocusTwist Allows iPhone Users to Capture Refocusable Lytro-style Images
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    that is really cool^^ 1.99$ is too much tho :p mehhhhh
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    $1.99 is too much? i guess the $70+ a month to keep the phone activated is also too much?
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    Not really.

    And yes, this is a really cool app!
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    Jessica Lares

    I'm using it on my iPad with iPhone compatibility mode. Enjoying it so far. Works really well.
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    Anyone paying $70+ a month is seriously being ripped off.

    There are other options out there for plans, even with the big carriers. You don't have to take the "iPhone plan"
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    Even with $40/month phone plan the comparison that was made is still more than valid.
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    Yes, yes it is; but that's another story altogether.

    On topic, I find the Lytro of limited usefulness in its current incarnation. For two bucks I'll probably get this for the novelty.
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    If you send one of these photos to someone else, do they have to have the app in order to get the effect? Or is there some sort of web based viewer that does it as well?
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    It's a neat proof of concept but doesn't help me when I need refocusing in post the most, when I'm taking a picture quickly of something (ie. a baby).
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    If you can find me a plan for iPhone 5, 4G data speeds, unlimited (NO THROTTLING) internet for less than $70 bucks a months, please let me know. That would be fab.
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    This seems like a cool idea but really only is going to work for macro shots with something up super close and the background far away.

    In nearly all other cases changing the focus by a few feet isn't really going to change the image very much.
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    Definitely worth the price, and quite a cool app. Just wondering, apart from the gimmick, would this be at all useful.
    I see the full lytro thing having some pro advantages, once the resolution gets upped, but an app that takes 3 pictures with different focal points? not too sure....
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    Jessica Lares

    They have a viewer. The desktop version seems to be flash based.
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    You don't live in my world :p it's not much in terms of money but it's not worth it to me simply cause I'd basically never use it^^
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    To anyone who has bought it:

    Does it allow you to blend the different images into one (sort of like HDR) ?
    If not, does it allow you to export the images it captured with different focus points?

    I don't have a Twitter account, so sharing is useless for me.

    On a side note: is there any other app which does the above things?
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    Not working

    It's not working, I put on my 3D glasses but the picture is still in 2D. (i have an iPhone 5 with retina display)
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    What? :confused:
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    Sorry, but unlimited data is a thing of the past. In Canada, I'd recommend Koodo.

    $45 a month currently gets you 1GB of data (plenty for most people) 450 daytime minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends after 5 p.m., unlimited texting / picture messaging, call display, voicemail, and nationwide calling. For $60 a month, you get all of that, plus unlimited talk and 2 GB of data.

    You must have something similar to this in the US.

    To get this deal, you either need to bring your own phone (which gets you 10% off your monthly bill) or buy a phone from Koodo and put it on your tab, which takes $150 off the price of the phone. Every month, 10% of your bill goes towards paying off your tab, until you're at zero and can then get a new phone. If you want to get a new phone before then, or if you want to leave, you just pay off your tab.

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