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Folding Cracks the top 100

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by buffsldr, Jun 12, 2002.

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    Nice job, gents. We are now in the top 100. MC and Rower pushed us there! now, let's get everyone involved and take top 10 in 6 months
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    You were the one who started things off, buffsldr, so props to you as well.

    Our next big target is MacCentral.com...we should pass them later this month!:D
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    well i tried seti first because well its the home town boys but it doesnt seem to be very stable. so maybe i will try folding...
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    I'm switching to X (hopefully permanently) so I'll be able to help u guys. Now all I need to find is another 10gigs of storage to back stuff up on. :-/
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    Re: Folding Cracks the top 100

    So humble! You carried the team for a long time and are still a MAJOR contributor. Thanks for all your help. :)

    Please join us, every WU helps! Thanks for the pledges, AL and spuncan, do appreciate it! We could use your help to pass MacCentral.
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    ok i just joined up! i'll have my g4 867 processing as much as possible... i'd have my g3 powerbook do some... but it probably wouldn't help much ;)

    here's to beating those silly maccentral dudes
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    Ooh, 867...thanks kishba.

    Their (Stanford) spec for their WU benchmark is a PIII 400. If your PB could run folding, then it will help us, too. FYI, make sure to hide (not minimize) your graphic window if your running the graphical client.
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    i had a few problems with the graphical one so i switched to the terminal one... hopefully it works out better...

    i'll try to get my laptop up later tonight :)

    heck i'm sure i could find a pc at work for this too... we'll catch up in no time :)
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    Seems the folding drug has hit you too... :D

    I look at every machine now as a potential folding victim. Many have fallen into my clutches. :) Unfortuneately, mostly PC's due to Stanford's lack of insight (OS 9 version :mad: ).
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    neat idea

    im not sure that i 100% understand the purpose behind this, however i joined the team also...i assume processing power helps?!...what about a DP800???...anything to help the macrumors team....
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    Re: neat idea

    ooohhh yeah!

    we'll definitely be in the top 10 if we can get some more dual systems in here :)
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    can someone email me the terminal version, i cant uncompress what i download (this is not a good first impression). grrr
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    It's not a bin compressed, but a binary executable. You have to make it executable by doing a chmod +x on it.

    [edit]Here's a link to the install instructions. [/edit]

    Thanks for your interest in our effort. :)
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    ok i feel positively stupid. got it to work. argh.

    so how do i know its working though?

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    type this in the terminal:

    chmod +x FAH2Console-v219-OSX.bin

    then type:


    that's exactly what i did and it then asked a few questions (username, the number of the group--macrumors is 3446) and then it took off (i assume... although i still haven't appeared as member of the team according to their site)

    hope that helps!
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    hehehe... i'm not sure if mine is working yet either... i assume that once i finish a unit it will tell me or i will show up as a member of the macrumors team... hopefully :)
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    OK here are the instructions in Taft-speak. Maybe they'll help.

    1. Download the terminal version from their website.
    2. Move the file to your Applications folder via the Finder.
    3. Open your terminal program.
    4. At the command line, type 'cd /Applications'. (If you put the file somewhere else, use that path instead.)
    5. Type the command, 'chmod 755 FAH2Console-v219-OSX.bin'.
    6. To run the program, type './FAH2Console-v219-OSX.bin'

    For added convenience, I've done the follwing to make starting Folding easier...

    1. Type 'sudo ln -s /Applications/FAH2Console-v219-OSX.bin /usr/bin/folding'
    2. Now when you run folding, simply type 'folding' no matter where you are! (You will have to run the 'rehash' command in any open terminal windows to make the change take effect.)

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    Try this:

    o Open Terminal
    o type in chmod +x
    o Physically drag the FAH2...bin onto the terminal window (this should type in the pathname for you)
    o make a new folder and drop it in there (the console version creates a lot of extraneous files)
    o then drag the now executable FAH2...bin file onto the terminal window

    You can also use this beta app from MacAddict4Life that someone wrote to do terminal work for you.

    [edit] Seems that Taft had replied, thanks. Maybe my instructions will fill in any gaps, though Taft is quite the Unix nerd. :) [/edit]
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    yes it just stops after saying parameters...

    when seti was running i could tell because i could feel the machine working. but folding isnt giving me any feedback.
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    well assuming this is working i must say that i feel like quite a traitor. of course despite going to berkeley ive always had a softspot in my heart for stanfurd. had a frog named stanfurd when i was little (of course another frog named berkeley ate him...)
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    AL, it is working right?

    The graphical and console versions run the same IF you have the graphical client window HIDDEN, not MINIMIZED. This will tell you percentage, if you prefer. The cconsole client has a -vebosity switch, but I cranked it to the max, 9, and it did nothing. The console version is very weak on letting you know anything.

    You can also try that beta app that runs on top of the console version a few posts above.
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    [23:10:05] parameters work/wudata_01.prm
    [23:10:05] - Writing "work/wudata_01.key": (overwrite)successful.

    that's what mine outputs before saying... nothin

    my cpu monitor shows the whole cpu being used though... i just quit the terminal and ran the app again and it started all over (or so i assume because it still says its completed 0 frames and has 500 remaining...)

    can someone who's been using the terminal version spread some light on this? i'd like to know my machine is actually doing something useful....
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    Type in top into the terminal and look for the Core_65.exe process. Than look for the percentage of CPU that the process is using.

    Type in q to quit out of top.
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    well i downloaded and launched the graphical client (this is worse than the terminal, who are the idiots at stanfurd programming these things?) and went to display protein since this seems to be the only option. it shows a protein "no news is good news" and 0.0% progress.

    so is the terminal app not doing anything?
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    ok just checked top and core65.ex is using 88% of my cpu. thats with mozilla, itunes, photoshop, dreamweaver, mail, and adium running. kinda weird i cant feel it running, but thats fine by me. just wish it would make some progress.

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