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Font Q

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by amacgenius, May 26, 2006.

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    In the OS 9 menu bar


    What is the EXACT font used, I need it for a Web Project.

  2. Lau

    Chicago, I believe. Then again, looking at your screen shot it looks different, but that could be due to size, compression, etc. I'm sure someone will come along and kick my arse if it's wrong...
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    Anywhere I can get Chicago for free, is it installed on my Mac?
  4. Lau

    Have a search, but I have a feeling it isn't. Sorry.
  5. Guest


    No - and I looked, I don't have it either (which is odd, I have like 7,000 fonts - I was hoping to help out).

    *cough P2P cough*
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    I remember when Chicago was like *the* font to use about 10 years ago in primary school. Fortunately we have Comic Sans now. :D :p
  7. Guest


    Cheeky bastard. :D
  8. Lau

    I used Chicago to spray paint my house number and street on to our recycling box instead of just freehanding it like everyone else. Does that make me a) an Apple geek, b) a graphics geek or c) both? :D
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    I think you'll have to lock in c), not that there's anything wrong with that at all! :)
  10. Lau

    Absolutely. :D
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    I knew there was a reason for holding onto the iBook 300. I'll Skype you.
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    Install Classic, it will be with that.

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    I'm using a MacBook.
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    Staff Member

    This site seems to offer Chicago (along with other fonts), but I cannot vouch for it's legality nor authenticity... (but I tries downloading Champagne, and that seemed to work :)).
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    Well that worked, thank you very much!

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