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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by BakedBeans, Nov 17, 2004.

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    does anyone know where i can get a no cd crack for Macs
    all i can find is pc cracks ect,

    the reason i want this is because spinning the cd in powerbook is killing battery life, i own the cd and it is legal to have a no cd crack if you own the full game

    so please dont delete me :)

    can any one help in locating it? i would be much obliged
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    Tried this with the sims. I own it, but I am annoyed how it requires the CD. It does kill battery life.

    Tried using disk copy and it doesn't work, still wants the cd.

    To improve your battery life, turn your brightness down and use decreased processor speed.

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    i know all about the tricks to improve battery life.... but im after the crack really... do you know any sites?
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    There are three things that need to be done to maximize the chances that the application you're trying to dupe is duped:

    1. Make the disk image read-only, just like a real CD.
    2. Make the name of the volume that mounts when you double-click the disk image the same as that of the CD you're imaging.
    3. Never mount the real CD and the renamed disk image at the same time.

    This is the technique I used with some Mac games, and it works like a charm. I'd try it first before looking for other solutions.

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