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For all the Guitar Hero fans.

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by P-Worm, Sep 28, 2007.

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    Well, I finally did it. It took me a freaking long time, but I finally did it. I beat Jordan on Expert. :eek:



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    Pics or it didn't happen!

    ....oh... wait...


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    jesus christ! I think you may be my hero for this hour...mark it down....12:15 p.m. PST 9/29. Hero for the next 60 minutes!
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    I could do that....

    but I don't wanna
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    Whoa, I was only expecting 15 minutes of fame, not 60. Lucky me.

    Now it's time to work on getting that log guitar (5 starring everything on Expert) Only 7 songs to go...

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    Congrats :D

    I'm still trying to get the hang of Hard myself.

    Seems like GH1/80s Edition have easier Hard songs than GH2 for some reason.

    I have nearly NO problem whatsoever on Hard songs on GH1, and most of the songs in 80s Edition (from my rental time with that one), but GH2...I've gotten so far (to Sweet Child O' Mine encore) and...I'm stuck. I can pass some others in Quick Play that are further down the set list, but SCOM just owns me right now.

    Again though - congrats :)
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    Compile 'em all

    Man, I just passed it on Hard a few days ago and I was quite happy about it till I saw your post :mad:
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    My housemate just recently completed it on expert... he was stuck on Psychobilly Freakout for about 2 months...

    I myself am having trouble with Wolfmother on hard...
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    As far as songs on expert, the hardest ones in my opinion are Psychobilly Freakout and Hangar 18. Hangar 18 has this monster solo at the end that slowly, but surely, chips away at your rock meter. If you can beat that one, the rest, including Freebird, shouldn't be so bad if you can time the hammer ons and pull offs well enough.

    For those more adventurous and waiting to try some of the harder songs, the extra songs Six and Thunderhorse (from Cartoon Network's Metalocalypse) are fun and provide a nice challenge.

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    I would have been impressed except you only got 4 stars ;):D

    What is your career score?? I was considering starting a "What is your GH2 Career Score?" thread but with GH3 coming out in a month, I figured just wait for that.
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    It's photoshopped. You're lying!

    Good job. Man, I suck so bad at GH. Wish I could do that.
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    We should have a race on this forum to beat Through The Fire and the Flames first. It's a bonus track on Guitar Hero 3.

    And for the record, I'm determined to five star this Jordan. Just give me some time. :cool:

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    I'm so excited to play some Dragonforce in GH3. That will be the first bonus track I purchase. Although I have the feeling it will be the last one I am able to beat on expert...
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    So who's ready to shred?!?!?

    I'm so pumped, this is going to be the first GH game i'll be able to own since I've been a Nintendo-only owner for my entire life. IGN posted an excellent "final look" article yesterday for those who are intersted, along with some direct line feeds of real gameplay video! IGN raved about it despite a few small flaws, calling it a must-have for Wii owners.


    So who's running out first day to pick it up?
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    I pre-ordered, I guess basically just so I could know that I would get it because I tend not to spend @ the end of the month. :) I got it for the Wii, I'm pretty jazzed but doubt I'll get up early for it or anything.
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    I'll be at Wal-Mart at midnight and have no plans to get any sleep :D
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    I've got mine preordered for the Wii but not out until the 7th here :(
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    I'm actually going to Best Buy tonight to preorder because I won't be able to stop until i get out of work at 5:00pm and don't want to risk them selling out of it by that time ;)
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    Only one store in my area was selling it at midnight. The kid right in front of me bought the last Playstation 2 version they had. :(

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    I got mine at midnight. Perhaps the only thing 24 hour Wal-Marts are good for :D

    Although they were out of the 360 cordless guitars so I had to settle on the wired one. And after almost 3 hours of play, my fingers are killing me
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    I read somewhere that they were never out of them, they're giving old controllers in place of the new ones just for kicks. People are pissed.

    I got mine for the Wii and love it, though it seems the movement to activate star power is not as responsive at times. This may be a feature enhancement as I would barely move the guitar on my PS2 wireless/wired and it would activate star power when I didn't want it to.

    So far loving the song line up. I'm of the older generation (ugh) and I grew up listening to Poison and such. :)
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    Bah! we have to wait another couple of weeks for GH3 in the UK! :( :(

    I have GH1 + GH2 + GH80's on ps2 and 360 and plan on buying GH3 on the PS3, I just soooooo hope that the new wireless guitar will let me play all the other GH's instead of using my daughters ps2! :D
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    Is it bad if, when comparing the fingers on my left hand and right hand, I can tell that the tips of my fingers on my left hand are significantly flatter than the ones on my right hand? :D
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    No worse than me saying I have tennis elbow as a result of wii tennis.
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    I picked up my copy tonight from Best Buy for the Wii. I absolutely love it. There was an IGN article saying that the controller's buttons were spaced further apart but i haven't noticed a difference from the brief time i played on other people's older versions. I'm still getting used to the controls (haven't had GH before), it took me like 10 seconds to figure out what button to press to pause the damn thing :p

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