For all you pyros out there....

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by Mr. Anderson, May 24, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Take an abandoned washing machine (found in an alley several blocks from my house). Remove the drum, place it on bricks, add a little burnable material - et voila! Instant bonfire bucket.

    The enameled steel bucket with the drainage holes allow for air to get to the fire, radiate heat and contain the flame. Very cool and portable.

    I'm currently burning termite infested fire wood....


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    looks like fun.
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    Mr. Anderson

    This is actually the first one that I've ever taken apart - I used to use a neighbors for parties. I've had a fire going outside in December when its below freezing and had quite a few people outside huddled around the fire - its very cool.

    We'll probably be using if for the Solstice Party in June as well.

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    I am totally gonna try this! Great thinking. I love a good fire. ;) Fire Fire!
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ha, good luck. The drum was a pain getting off - I had to use my dremel tool to cut the bolts off the bottom since they were really stuck on. Took a couple hours to get the thing out and a fire burning.

    And I really wish I could take credit for coming up with the idea.....;)

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    For an instant there.... (I skipped from the washing machine, to the drum, to the fire) I had mental images of you filling it up with inflammables, igniting it and putting it on a quick spin for 30 mins :eek: :eek: :p

    For 3 seconds, I thought you were the most crazy guy on the planet... :eek: :p :p
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ha, well I'm only a part time pyro - a true pyro would have done that *and* instead of connecting the hose to a water faucet, attached it to gasoline reservoir.....:D

    Sounds more like a Burning Man type event, better off in the desert....

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    Mr. Anderson

    Got a new background from the fire - hickory coals and a color shift.....


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    Re: For all you pyros out there....

    Poor termites, great fire...
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    i have a feeling your gas/reserve / source would blow up before you had a chance to realyl enjoy the flames..
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    Cool idea. I might try that. Maybe I can give on to a hobo downtown, along with some lighter fluid, wood, and matches.
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    I've had that setup for like 5 years now, its great for those out of hand bon fires
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    Hey - does anyone else see the old Imac in the coals and fire pic? Maybe there are other Macs in the picture as well???
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    I have a simular setup, just i used a dryer. its very nice for parties and whatnot...

    Nothing draws people togeher like a beer and a nice fire :)
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    hey - that idea works well as a beer cooler (or coke for you younger guys) - just put it in the yard, and fill it with ice and drinks - it drains itself.

    Those of us in the south think of ways to get cooler, not raise the temp ;)
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    That "abandoned" washing machine looks pretty new. Sure you're not playing a little trick on your new neighbors as they move in?
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    heh I was thinking the same thing, it does look pretty new.

    Have fun but don't get hurt :D
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    Is an outdoor fire of that type legal in Alexandria?

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