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for all you video people

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by efoto, May 13, 2005.

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    What is a good app (free if possible) that can take a movie or video clip and reverse it, effectively watching the clip backwards?

    Also, if you know one for windows too, a co-workers need it to reverse an assembly video he just made :rolleyes:
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    Quicktime Player.

    Command+Left Arrow Key plays the clip in reverse. Works best with clips encoded with a spatial codec.
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    James Philp

    Pretty sure you can watch video backwards in quicktime, though not save it in this manner.

    EDIT: In QT just click the View:Loop back and Forth setting, put the video at the end and press play! - If you're lucky you can also hear the audio backwards!
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    AVI and mpeg support? I just tried to open up a video in QT and it has no video or audio....avi format.
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    James Philp

    You need to download something called 3ivX here. It is an avi (DivX) decoder component for quicktime.
    Happy videoing! :)
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    Won't work in Tiger though. The codecs need to be updated but there's no mention of that on their site.

    BTW, the reverse playback of AVI's in QT player will be jerky because most AVI's are temporal codecs. You should export it to a more friendly codec like PhotoJPEG or Animation.
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    I have never done this before, but PhotoJPEG or Animation, those are other programs that allow you to watch a video in reverse and record the reverse direction as well?
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    those are formats you can convert your avi into from qt pro.

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