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Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by big, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. big
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    $30 5400rpm 20 gb hd, western dig
    $40 PCI scsi card
    $30 old all in one Mac, lots of junk inside, running 7.6
    $1200 jeep
    $15 5400rpm 4 gb hd
    $30 descent video card (from original B&W G3)
    $20 external atapi usb case (for harddrives zips or burners)
    $2 dual harddrive adaptor cable
    $30 atapi zip drive & lots of disks
    $50 B&W G3 350 zif (processor upgrade) card
    $80 external firewire case (for harddrives zips or burners)

    email me
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    Thanks. I've been browsing for a bunch of crap and spam posts. You've helped me kill two birds with one stone.
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    What are the specs on the Jeep?
  4. big
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    1987 Wagoneer, I-6 4x4, Ugly as sin, will go anywhere . its not a wrangler, this has the wood paneling and looks more like a cherokee.

    new truck, dont need the jeep anymore, I just posted it for kicks & giggles, but if your serious, I'll send pics
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    That's what eBay is for you tool. Thanks for mucking up the site with spam like this. I guess you'll drive the Jeep out to LA to sell the thing (if it doesn't break down on the way).
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    hey tfaz...**** and go somewhere else with that attitude. you are mucking up the forums with useless flames that have no basis whatsoever. Either pull the stick out of your ass, or just get on with it and shoot yourself.
  7. big
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    here is the current thread you are in,

    Macrumors.com/Main Page/Mac Forums/Mac Discussion/For Sale/Trade/FOR SALE TOo

    its all good, I'm on too much coffee too

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    I stand corrected (and flat-out dissed).

    I humbly apologize big. My flaming is worse than your spamming. Please do not judge me by my Monday morning outbursts. I'm just a little hyped up on this NoCal coffee. But let's not bring momma's into this. Mine's dead. :(

    Sparkley, my apologies to you too (I think?). BTW, you're pretty hot. Most people wouldn't use their own picture as an avatar, but with you it works. Especially that brooding, male model-esque pose (how long did it take you to get that shot?). I bet you probably get hot MacRumors chicks emailing you all the time...

    Again, I'm not usually a dick. I just play one on MacRumors. Sorry (really...).
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    lmao...you have definitely redeemed yourself in my book. i am also sorry, i shouldnt have gone off on you...my medicine hadn't quite kicked in yet ;)

    i don't know if that was sarcasm or what, but hey it was funny and that's all that matters lol. (thanks?) oh and it was just a random shot the first night i got my webcam..and its been pretty useless since. i was just making a stupid pose for my g/f and it ended up being too funny to delete.

    okay big, you can get on with the sale! :D
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    I'll take the jeep for 50 dollars.
  11. big
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    SOLD! ok, shipping & handling will be $1150
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    Well that was a relatively crazy string...
    What kind of hard drives are the 20gig and the four gig? IDE? Assuming they are compatible with the B&W tower...would you take $10 +shipping for the 4 gig? $25 plus shipping on the 20?



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