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For those who have jaguar....

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Backtothemac, Aug 22, 2002.

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    OK, I am not talking about those who have the final beta build, etc. I am talking to those who already have the real deal.

    What do you think of 10.2? I am blown away by it. Post your thoughts, and lets keep them honest and accurate ;)
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    I am not impressed at all,iTunes still lags my entire system,there is no at least 10% promised GUI speed increase on non-QE machine except launch/quit times and some other stuff.
    I love finder search and other tweaked stuff like better ppp connect menu item,rendezvous etc.
    But it is not usable OS on my iMac G3 350 MHz so I am buying new PowerBook soon (next revision). I just hope it will be fast enough.
    They should really do something about all those inactive apps stealing cpu cycles!
    Otherwise..Jaguar is nice update,nothing revolutionary.
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    Ok, Mega, no offense here right. Man, you don't have the system to run OS X. Well, the iMac could run it, but 128MB of ram just isn't enough. X loves memory like 15 year old boys love Britney Spears. Sorry if I am being insulting, but you need to upgrade your hardware desperately.

    Also, if you are in Croatia, how are you running the retail build of X.2? You don't have a new Mac, and it isn't for sale yet. hmmmmmm
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    re: jaguar

    it really is awesome.

    i installed it on my old G4 400 Gigabit Ethernet with 576mb RAM and first tried using with just the stock Rage 128 Pro card in it. It wasnt so bad, nothing awesome, but definitely an improvement from 10.1. Then i popped in a Radeon 8500 and damn. The graphics card takes a lot of burden off the CPU it seems now that QE is enabled. very very happy. oh, and one way of knowing if your graphics card is doing QE is the mouse cursor. if it looks the same as it did in 10.1 then you dont have QE. if it looks a little sharper, more 3D and casts a small dark shadow belwo it, then QE is working. very simple way of knowing.
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    I have 320 MB RAM and no offence but,it is not your concern how did I get it. And yes,it is 6C115.
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    Re: re: jaguar

    6C35 had mouse shadow,does that mean in 6C35 even poor cards like rage could take advantage of Quartz Extreme?
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    If you have the hardware, Jaguar Rocks! Just don't run Virtual PC. Is it me, or is it a dog. It is barely worthwhile, if I really need to run it more than once per week, I would buy a cheap PC.

    Back to Jaguar, I nearly always have either a music dvd playing (The Criterion Beastie Boys rocks!) or iTunes playing. Mail.app is always on, as well as IE. Often I am running a 5 mbps multicast streaming video for testing. I never notice any lag or slowdown in the system. The only time i get a spinny wheel is with VPC.

    Quartz Extreme rocks. Warcraft 3 with all settings on high rocks.

    I am very happy.
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    I know the Flatpanel iMac supports QE, but has anyone used Jaguar on it? How is it? Is the Geforce2 enough to give it speed? Any comments appreciated.

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    peterjhill,I am glad you said how everything is fast on your machine because I am buying Titanium myself.
    I would like to know what are the speed improvements with 17-inch mac (with geforce 4 mx,vs 2 mx).
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    known to let the beat...mmmmm drop!

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