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For those who showed other people their iOS 7: How did they like it?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by tymaster50, Jun 11, 2013.

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    I showed 3 girls in my first period, they went exploring on my phone lol and they liked it but one of them said it reminded her of androids. They also noticed the new camera filters and took pics with it. Also told them how to block callers and now they want it too lol (typical)

    Showed some people in my gym class, they noticed the glitch for Vine where sometimes it won't load

    Showed a guy in my english class, he didn't like it at all.

    And some more I don't feel like typing but the general consensus is positive. I actually feel like I don't even have to jailbreak at all lol
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    Everyone at my office found it hard to read and not very legible because the UI is soooo background dependent now.
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    Surprising. Most people I showed I started off asking "Did you see iOS 7" and then I showed them and they would stare in awe and wonder how I got it. Kinda hard to explain y'know lol. I don't live in a particularly "smart" town so I would be going in circles
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    Same here, I'd say it wasn't received well for the most part. Sure all the apple geeks that come to the forums like it but we shall see what the masses think.
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    GF loved it, guy friends thought it looks childish.
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    From what I've heard from people with my phone is:

    - It looks a bit cartoonish
    - Everyone likes the swipe up function to access general settings.
    - People like the lock screen
    - I've gotten the comment, its very android
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    Oh, a lot of people were curious. But we passed it around, let everyone try it out, and the resounding response was this is just hard to read. Especially the home screen and lock screen. I can't even read the clock or the folder names.

    My wallpaper on my iphone is a cutout of the center of:

    I'd show you the phone, but the battery is already dead. iOS7 has just eaten through my battery today.
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    Most of my friends have some type of android phone. So they weren't impressed. Actually stated how they can do most of that already. The few I have showed that have iPhones, thought it was cool I had the new os. But they had an immediate wtf reaction once they used it. They weren't impressed either.
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    Some think it's hard to read, and the colors are kiddy.
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    Initial reaction was poor. The colorful icons on the busy stock wallpaper were a poor choice. I'm not sure why they released the beta this way.
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    so many young developers who have access to this....
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    I've showed two family members and two coworkers. One coworker is an Android fanboy so he went out of his way to make a snarky comment about the Calendar app. The other coworker is an iOS 6 UI clinger, so he dislikes the look of 7.

    My two family members were very impressed. One was relieved ("about time"-type reactions regarding the OS maturing), the other was amused with the whimsical UI/UX.
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    Remember the idiots that thought the first iPhone was an unusable novelty? They're the same people that initially won't like iOS 7.
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    How is it background dependent? If by background dependent you mean you can't have a background that's excessively white then that's a really stupid thing to complain about. Because it's the exact same way in iOS 6. Atleast for the springboard.
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    Come on. There is fun, and there is teletubbies. The icons, at least some of them, fit in the latter category.
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    People aren't saying its unusable. Far from it. Functionally looks amazing. Parts of the OS are just ugly.

    Yeah Im gonna be "that guy" that says with absolute certainty that Steve would never ever have let this get shown looking like a child designed the icons. They just look juvenile.
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    As I showed in my example of the background, the background I use is not excessively white, but all text is not legible like it was in iOS6. Please read fully before addressing a post of mine.
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    With all due respect to Steve, he wasn't exactly the pinnacle of good taste when it came to iOS apps - see Rich Corinthian Leather and associated skueomorphic nonsense that he and Forstall rode shotgun.

    So saying "Steve wouldn't have let this get shown" really, really doesn't mean much. Steve was far from perfect, and his taste in texture/superfluous "ornamentation" (as Ive called it, in derision) was no exception.
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    I work on Draft Day (movie being filmed in Cleveland). None of the tech guys liked it and after using it today I switched back to ios6.
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    Ah my mistake, would you mind posting an example of your homescreen/lockscreen. As I am unable to replicate the aformentioned flaw, assuming you already started charging the phone.
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    Nobody said iOS 7 was unusable. I was talking about the idiots that thought the iPhone itself was unusable when released.
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    I've been playing with the wallpaper to make it better. This is after some work to the wallpaper to darken sections that were causing problems. Looks better here than on my phone, especially when just at a quick glance.




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    My gf: "meh, it's whatever."
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    The screenshot with "Weather" at the top makes it very apparent indeed. Well it's still in beta, something will probably be done about it anyway.
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    My gf: "looks like my nephew designed the safari icon".

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