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for xbox 360 owners

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by thegreatunknown, Sep 26, 2007.


Have you had to return your 360 to Microsoft?

Poll closed Oct 6, 2007.
  1. not yet

    28 vote(s)
  2. yes

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    As of yesterday, every single one of my friends that has a xbox 360 has had to return it to Microsoft at least once. Now, granted the ten or so people I'm referring to do not at all make up a large percentage of 360 users, I feel it would be fair to assume if MS's statement that approximately only 1/3 fail is true, some of my friends (and/or mine) would still be working.

    Therefore as a poll I'm curious out of this macrumors world what the percentage is.
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    Didn't return it to Microsoft, just the retailer, but I've had a bad one so yes.
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    Disc drive started scratching games after about a year. Sent it to Microsoft and got a new system back.
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    The first one I bought was DOA. The 2nd hasn't gotten much play...
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    Thrice. Good times. Wouldn't trade them for anything.
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    My launch 360 worked great until 9-15-07 when it suddenly got the red rings. Sent it off to microsoft and they keep telling me 6-8 weeks for repair so I went and bought another for the time being. I finally got to play halo 3 and within 30 minutes the disc drive stopped reading discs so I had to return it to gamestop. This is getting ridiculous, microsoft needs to do a recall and send people a system that won't break.
  7. MRU


    3 360's

    1 premium since launch worked flawlessly traded up a few weeks ago to an elite which is going great.

    and the other is a 12month old core - that too is working flawlessly.
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    I voted no, but my vote probably doesn't count as I don't use it that much, and I don't go in for marathon gaming sessions. I've had it for well over a year now.

    If mine dies, then, since it is long out of warranty where I am, I will simply leave it and give away all my games.
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    maybe they meant to say that 1/3 don't fail........:p
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    dibs on the games!
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    All the folks with 360's here have died at some point too. One of them died when they first played Halo 3!
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    Didn't get the red rings, but about 2 months ago when I went to play a game, made a horrible crunchy/scratchy/jamming sound from the dvd drive. Disc wasnt scratched, but the dvd drive killed it self. I could still play demos and live arcade games though.

    Anyways, they fixed it, got it back within a week. But this was before they officially announced the 3 year service.

    I had got it in Dec 2006, and it broke around july of this year.

    So far so good... but I think they just swapped my dvd drive out for a different make & model. The xbox is still the same.
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    Well I'm on my second unit but its freezing like crazy...I can't get past the dashboard but I haven't gotten the red eye AS YET.

    I'm tired of *Bleeping* with MS.....I called them today and had a word with the supervisor and told him this is unacceptable and I want a refund...of course they want me to send it in but I don't want to go through this again...I rather just play my PS3/Wii.

    I might be a 2 console person now(If I don't feel different in the am)....I can't stand MS.

    I sold my copy of H3 & cancelled live.

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    Jaffa Cake

    Microsoft replaced ours with a shiny new one earlier in the year – the older one became completely unplayable due to it locking up all the time. To be fair, we've had no problems at all with the replacement machine – so far at least.
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    Mine's still in perfect condition, although I plan to mod it soon, so that may change... :D
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    I take issue with that. Mine's never had a single issue and I've had it since 1.1.06 :p
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    By here I mean folks round my way :p :eek:

    I still can't believe both my systems were fried on the same day. I'd say what are the chances, but looking at the above graph the chances were high!
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    i bought mine at launch. i ended up with the 3 rings of death, sent it in and got a brand new one for free
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    Maybe MS should just remove the light ring on new 360s, that might solve this ongoing problem. :eek: *sneaks away*

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    If they had an ounce of humour the lights would be blue *also sneaks away* :eek:
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    Does the Elite or the newer Premiums with HDMI have the same problems as the earlier systems? I kind of want one but I really don't want to have to deal with any issues. I know they planned to release a newer version with a cooler processor, is that still on track?
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    just shipping back my second one today.

    hopefully I will get a new one next time.

    the refurb they sent back after a month didnt even work.
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    I don't use my xbox that extensively. Do you think that I could run into a problem after my warranty expires whereby it'll just die. These things are frikken time bombs. Oh ya, I got it in dec. 2006.
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    No, and I've had it since April 2006.
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    The first Elite I bought didn't even make it through the setup before I got the 3 red rings of death. I took it back to the retailer and got a new one on the spot.
    The replacement has been fine.

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