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Forced subtitles for foreign audio

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mallbritton, Aug 23, 2013.

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    I'll get right to the point. I'm trying to create a digital copy of Star Trek Into Darkness that has forced subtitles for the little bit of Klingonese that is in the movie. I've tried every combination of settings I can think of in Handbrake and Subler and nothing works. If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.
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    In Handbrake did you click the "Burn In" option for the subtitles?
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    At one point, yes. But I don't want all the subtitles burned in. Just the on-screen translation of the Klingonese. If I remember correctly I tried selecting the appropriate subtitle track and I checked "forced" and "burn in" but that didn't work. It's a puzzle to me.
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    Strange... And you have a subtitle file for the foreign only parts, or a subtitle file to apply subtitles to everything and you just want foreign only?
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    It's the latter. The movie has subtitles (2 English tracks), and I only want the foreign translation to show up on the screen.

    I've been able to do this before. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
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    It's just Klingon.

    what's your source?

    when i use makemkv i normally wind up with 2 subtitle tracks, regular, and forced. normally have to cycle through to get the right one.

    you should be able to download an external .srt file and use that.
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    Not according to the Klingon in The Trouble With Tribbles. He calls it "Klingonese." ;) But that's the nature of Trek trivia, eh? Heh.

    My source is an .mkv file at the moment and it does have all the subtitle tracks embedded. I just can't get the forced subs to show up in the scene on Qo'noS. Maybe if I downloaded an external .srt just for the foreign language…
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    Have you tried "foreign audio search" under "Track" on the subtitles tab?

    If you have and that didn't find the forced subs, use VLC to view the file. FF to a place where forced subs appear. Then look under the Video pull-down and select Subtitles. Make a note of which track is checked. Go back to HB and select that track under the subtitle track options. Check burn-in. Only that track, the forced subtitles track, will be burned in.
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    About where are the parts that need the subtitles? I have to do the same thing and want to do it before I watch the movie. I'd like to FF to the part and check before sitting down to watch it.
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    @Charlien the Klingon starts at 51:30.

    @mic j, thanks for the tip. I played the .mkv in VLC and no forced subs showed up when the characters started talking. I suppose this may be the root of the problem. At any rate, I believe I did try your suggestion but I'll do it again just to make sure.

    There are two English subtitle tracks in the file. When selected the first one displays "(Speaking Klingon)." The second track displays the translation of what the characters are saying. So I'm pretty sure I'm using the right subtitle track. But when selected it also displays all the dialog.
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    If forced subtitles did not appear when you played the movie in VLC, your rip must not have grabbed the forced subtitle track. Do you use MakeMKV to rip?

    Sounds like the 2 subtitle tracks you do have are: 1) closed caption and 2) regular english subtitles (english + klingon, but do not include the "door creaking", crowd roaring, etc description that the hard of hearing might need).
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    That's what I'm thinking as well. I didn't make the original rip.
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    you will have to recode it with subtitles
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    Not necessarily. It might be possible to find a forced subtitle srt for the movie at somewhere like Subscene.com. Download it and use Subler to add the srt to the mp4 file. Need to be careful about the search and be specific in what you are looking for (BR vs dvd, language, etc). Sometimes a little timing adjustment is needed. Subler has an "offset" adjustment that can do a good job as long as the offset adjustment applies to the entire movie.
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    Did you look for a .srt file that has just the subtitles you need ?


    Does that mean that it's a pirated copy ? If not, rip it again.
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    Thanks for the suggestions mic j and Cinephi1e. I'll download that little bit and see what I can do with it.
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    Search the net for the srt English subs for Klingon parts only
    That's what I did for avatar
    There's a few subtitle websites around like opensubtitles

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