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Forget Front Row. This is the perfect companion to Ripit app.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by HiFiGuy528, Sep 27, 2009.

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    seems nice for some but I still prefer the added features and flexibility of plex.

    Wonder where they got their inspiration...
    multiplex, really?
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    Eh. I got this app as part of one of those bundles (where 2 or 3 apps make the whole bundle worthwhile and the rest are filler). As I recall, it wouldn't even start up without crashing. Not too impressed. :rolleyes:

    We used to rip DVDs with RipIt or MacTheRipper, store them on the Mac mini's external hard drive, and play them in the family room using Front Row on the MacBook (accessing via a shared network folder). Worked pretty well, and I even had my universal remote learn the Apple remote codes. But it was still a major pain to have to hook up the MacBook, connect to the shared folder, etc, each time we wanted to do this. Too much forethought and coordination required... :p

    A few months ago we got a TiVo to replace the crappy cable-company DVR, and it's been more than we ever anticipated. Not only is the TiVo a far superior DVR, but it's also perfect for watching our own DVDs. Front Row on the MacBook is no longer necessary - instead of ripping to VIDEO_TS folders, I now just extract the main title as an MPEG-2 stream, which the TiVo understands (no transcoding necessary). I use pyTivoX to serve all the ripped DVD content to the TiVo, so basically the TiVo sees my Mac mini as another TiVo on the network, and can transfer "shows" (ripped DVDs) just like it does with other real TiVos.

    Now we can access all of our recorded TV shows plus the DVDs we own, all from the same menu system on the same device. Fast and very convenient. Honestly, this is what AppleTV should be. I don't see us going back to an Apple-only solution unless they come out with something that can do everything we now have with the TiVo. They have the talent, but do they have the desire to do it?
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    Very nice. The Tivo stuff has come along way then. I remember when I had a tivo and you couldn't do that.
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    pyTivoX is great! I've noticed something and wonder if there's a work around. When streaming rips with 5.1 audio I only get a couple channels. No voices, just background music. If I copy the file to the Tivo hard drive it seems to mix all the channels together instead of giving me 5.1 sound. Anyone else have this problem?
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    What exactly does this mean? Does MTR do this? Do you end up with a single MPG file with chapters intact?

    Sorry for the questions, but this would certainly be better for my set-up than a HDD full of VIDEO_TS folders.

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    Thanks so much for that link! It sounds like exactly what I have been searching for. I have my library ripped into VIDEO_TS folders via RipIt and prefer to keep them that way for the menus and original quality. But while Front Row plays them flawlessly, most other media players (including Plex, Boxee, and XBMC) unfortunately all have some major problems with VIDEO_TS, assuming that you will be re-encoding into something else. Can MultiPlex launch itself onto a secondary screen by default? Plex and Boxee have a configuration option, but Front Row has to be "tricked" into this.
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    In all fairness, the Apple TV isn't as difficult as your Macbook situation and provides the same simple functionality. In my setup, just changing inputs is a pain (especially when educating non-savvy users).

    However, I like simple (as in one device) and I'm a huge Tivo fan and now need to check out pyTivoX! :) Did you just render my AppleTV useless??? To be continued...

    Do you find that Tivo to Tivo transfers are slow? Do you use wireless or wired? I wish it could stream instead - that would be ideal.
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    TiVo transfers buffer up pretty quickly, you can start watching in 20-40 seconds. It does stream as well, beta function right now as well. See mt post above regarding some sound issues though.
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    I tried it out and it looks like a nice start, but it has a long way to go before it is useable as a media center for the tv. For example, no Apple Remote support, no categories/genres, no 2nd screen setting, etc, etc, etc. I'll keep an eye on it, but IMHO it is worth nowhere near the $35 they ask at this point.
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    I've been using MultiPlex for a few days. No crashes, yet. :) Works nicely with Ripit. I wonder why.... :) App needs a lot more work but it's pretty easy to use. Integrates well with Mac DVD Player too. It would be nice if it supports Apple remote control.
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    ...and if it hid the dvd player, and if it opened onto the 2nd window, and if you could mass-select dvd's to be added and id'd/scanned, and...
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    I got around to playing with pyTivoX last night. Worked awesome in my limited testing. Streaming worked great, and played all the files I created for the :apple:TV - h.264 m4v - nice bonus!

    I'm really at a crossroads here...I now have two devices (Tivo HD and Apple TV) with the same capabilities...

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