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Forget the Cingular iPhone crap...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by gkarris, Jan 9, 2007.

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    A locked phone? I wanted to buy one and slip my T-Mobile SIM card in...

    No video iPod, you mean I have to buy a Cingular phone and service to get a video iPod with a larger widescreen?

    Apple's lost it...
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    No carrier is allowed to sell the iPhone except Cingular until 2009. Granted there will be unlocked iPhones for a premium but dang, I agree with you. Screw the iPhone. I'm sticking with RIM.
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    its locked? well, not really surprising, but .....
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    Ok...have fun with your Phones....I'll have my iPhone as soon as its gets the ok from the "man"!
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    Have fun playing with your iPhone while I have fun with life.
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    Do you (we, anyone) think it will work off a SIM card?! Or is there some new technology that is inside the new iPhone that replaces it. :confused:
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    It uses a SIM card, just like 99.99% of the phones here. Pity we won't see it till 2008 but hopefully by then it'll have any kinks worked out and will be 3G capable.
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    I know. SOoo annoying. Why does Apple do stuff like this. If they really want to make money and want to WOW the crowd tell everyone its unlocked.
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    How many people had the same looks on their faces reading the live transcript:

    a: Widescreen iPod -> :D

    b: iPhone -> :eek:

    c: must get b to get a -> :(
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    Pff be happy you even have a chance of getting an iPhone. I live in Canada so it wont be carried by anyone until at least late 2007, and to make matters worse my carrier is CDMA so it doesn't matter if it ships into Canada tomorrow unlocked and for $10 I still can't use it. :mad:
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    It's not coming out until June. Maybe we'll get an iPod-only device with widescreen by then too.
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    I smell jealousy. And it stinks! It might just be coming from me, though.

    The jealousy, not the stink...


    I guess if it's understood that it's the jealousy that stinks and not me personally...

    I shower. Shut up.
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    I'd rather deal with switching to Cingular (it wouldn't be a big deal for me, though it isn't always like that for everyone) and still get all the iPhone features that have taken these 2 years of collaboration, than give up the voicemail system and such.
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    I guess that is the difference between customers... I wouldnt. The voice mail is cool but not necessary. I would rather it be offered unlocked w/o that. Why cant apple make it available with other carriers that can handle its basic features? Just leave the voicemail functionality out of it for those of us who cant use it. Even if the provider starts to offer the voicemail later, we will have been able to use our iPhone for all the time in between. Damn contract.
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    no cingular in australia... nice.

    I'll have my iPhone as soon as it hits our shores, for sure...
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    After G

    I am sad that the phone is Cingular in the US, but you can always get one unlocked/imported, if you don't like Cingular. I'm sure the European version won't be Cingular, as mentioned by others in this thread.

    And I am sure that Apple will bring this to the masses, be it updated iPods or lesser iPhones.
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    who the hell is REALLY suprised by this?

    there are features of OSX that require a .mac subscription to function exactly as intended.
    itunes requires an apple ID (no purchase required) to have "complete" functionality.

    apple does what is required to ensure complete compatibility. thats why you cant install osx on generic x86 hardware.

    yes i thing its a pain in the case of the iPhone, and i am gonna be pissed when it comes to australia locked to telstra (largest mobile net in AU) but i do EXPECT it.

    until reading this post i wasnt aware it would be available unlocked at all, but hey thats just one more bonus. also, a contract usually subsidises the cost of the handset, so who knows what price it would be outright...
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    As always, there will probably be things we don't entirely know about that may be added or unveiled by the product's availability. Who knows what unlocking it would have the potential to cause disruption with? We won't know that until June.

    That being said, I'm probably just sick of regular phones. I want my iPhone.

    I think Cingular must have done more than just Pay Steve for this chance- Maybe (probably not happening, but wishful thinking never hurts) Cingular will be giving us a very nice contract for that 2 year contract- something with excellent data and call rates.
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    Cos no matter how cool it is, telling the crowd that it costs $899 is just such a put off. It is like an orgasm, but just before it comes someone chops it off with a cleaver. It wouldn't sell.
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    My grin just got bigger and bigger, until they hit the word Cingular.
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    Dont forget, Cingular had to provide network ability to show a visual representation of voicemail. i cant imagine that was as simple as turning on a feature of the GSM/voicemail network equipment...

    also, (remember im not from the 'states) what is Cingular like on coverage/prices etc?
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    I haven't heard truer words in a while
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    :eek: That made me cringe.
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    Are you serious? Your so proud of your collection of computer/electronics that you have everything except for the batteries and mousepads in your sig.:rolleyes:
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    At least I don't list every single Apple product. :rolleyes:

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