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Forget the MBA - I want my iPad back

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by BustedVisaCard, May 16, 2012.

  1. BustedVisaCard, May 16, 2012
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    Okay.. so my situation is this. I moved into a new apartment community. AT&T dropped the ball. So until SOMEONE installs a fiber optic line into the newly built property, AT&T/Apartment community has provided everyone with a Unlimited 4G USB data card.

    How do I turn my MBA into a wifi hotspot of some sort so I can use an iPad via wifi's?

    I sold my iPad to buy the MBA but eh.. Good excuse to buy The New iPad

    Is it possible?
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    Not sure why my images are so large on this site? Unless you're using a smaller computer.

    Never had a complain on the 5+ forums I'm a member of. Photobucket settings been the same for over a couple years...

    Anywho, Thanks!! That link will help out a ton! Now to throw more money at the product that made sex happen.
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    Whatever. I guess your images are too large for my 30" monitor. :cool:
    Hopefully the "For Dummies" link is helpful and easy to follow.
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    They are not that big on mine, but regardless, should be a little smaller. :D
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    I'm going to assume you have your resolution set to a lower setting.

    My 24" at work has no issues with my photos. Neither does my MBA..... all fits on the screen with no scrolling.

    Yeah, the link should be of help. I will get to it this weekend after I get home from my business trip. Thanks again :D
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    You're missing the point. They're extending past the margin. It is not too large for a 30" display, it's that they're pushing out the thread. It's not a problem but it is basically the only thing the OP is center focused on. ;)
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    How many times am I to say thanks for a link?

    Want me to send you a gift card to starbucks or something? :roll eyes:

    However, I do notice on this forum only, my photos do stick out past the normal thread size.. odd.

    Either way - What can ya do. :cool:
  9. Mal
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    In the future, simply use timg tags instead of img tags and the forum software will automatically resize your images to more friendly dimensions.

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    timg? I can do that.. and I think I know what you're talking about.
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    Oops, I resized it already as soon as I saw it, then scrolled down and saw all the posts about it :)

    Hit Edit on your first post to see the code, and you'll see where I changed img to timg.
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    In case that link doesn't work for your type of connection, there's another way to share wifi to your iPad over bluetooth that was a tip on this weeks Macbreak Weekly (episode 299). Fast forward to 1:35:35 for the explanation:


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